Can we have a weather Atmosphere and Environment update only please?

Agree 100%. We are still here fighting to get that back to be able to enjoy it again. Well, with the approach they are heading to get it perfect accurate to real conditions all over the earth at the same time i bet it will end with static satellite images as weather.


Hear Hear.


I understand why people want improved weather, but I would ask, why do people want a weather-only update? There are many different development teams working on aircraft, avionics, airports and scenery, activities, the SDK, and yes, weather. And everyone puts what they’ve finished into a big pile, and it all gets assembled and pushed to the production environment together on sim update go-live day.

To have a “weather-only” update would mean that all the teams that are not doing weather would simply hold off on whatever progress they made and slot it for the next sim update after that. I don’t see how that would help anybody.


It’s a symptom of sheer desperation.

People ask for this in those particular words because they perceive this as a problem so severe in itself, that any other features become moot as long as it remains an open issue.

So it should perhaps be interpreted as an indirect way of saying:

“With weather in this present state, new features cannot be enjoyed. This is sufficiently serious that it would be preferable to postpone everything else than to tolerate it any further”

Which also can be read as:

“Weather in the sim right now is causing us to not wanna play. Other additions will not receive real attention, as so many of us are just waiting, rather than actually playing due to this.”

Or yet:
“We want a weather-only update” really should be read as “We want ONLY a weather update”
i.e: Nothing else matters while this isn’t addressed.

It’s a manner of speech, in a way. I hope the point comes across clearly, though.
In short and brutal form, it is:

If major weather upgrades aren’t the MAIN concern of SU13, the community will be very seriously disappointed.

Related note: A lot of this is a result of Asobo’s continuing failure to properly acknowledge the true gravity of the matter. Roadmap updates have consistently lacked a satisfactory accounting of these issues in a way that really matches community expectations.

It feels like they’re not listening. We feel abandoned.
This is an egregious PR failure. Why can’t you just let your devs talk to us?

Community morale does not benefit from “Big Surprises”.
Not when we’re really all begging for Reassurance.


Totally agree. I love weather more than flying planes and the whole atmosphere feels lifeless.

I’ve mentioned it before but Thunderstorms are the most broken. You rarely see lightning in MSFS but take a night-time flight across Europe in the summer and you will see many distant (hopefully) thunderstorms. Part of piloting is observing the weather and adapting to it.

I used to go up just to enjoy being amongst towering clouds but since SU5 the system has gotten worse. It’s a huge immersion breaker if even a non-simmer who’s not into the weather (my wife) comments that “the sky and clouds don’t look right” in MSFS.


Imho a proper flightsim has four main components: core functionality, Aircraft, Scenery and Environment. Three of those are rightfully covered with dedicated regular updates, personnel (I assume) and timelines, while the environment (seasons, weather, physics, snow coverage, accessibility of weather data for wxRadar and so on…) seems to be treated as an accessory in some SU’s.

Consequently core sim, aircraft and scenery are making huge progress, while the environment falls behind significantly.
Hence the petition for an Atmosphere, Weather and Environment (AWE) update category.

It’s about balance, because flying a sophisticated airliner with all bells and whistles avionicwise, but without a proper WXradar (because accessing the weather data seems to be a complex task) into (non existing) Thunderstorms - that would have no consequences anyway- and then land in Innsbruck with a solid snow cover at 19 degress Celsius is somewhat arcade.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


I can speak for myself here. I stopped flying, I went from flying every day for many hours to maybe once a month, a bit more during beta times in hope to find improvements! as of now I have no intention whatsoever to invest time in this sim let alone money!! Also te product does not reflect anymore what was once advertised and what i got around sim update6! in my opinion flying without a convincing sky is absolutely useless as the majority of us i think are more or less casual simmers, and even if you are a pilot or hardcore FS player you doo need a very believable sky! after all this experience is half and half, below your flight and above, weather is everything in a flying experience otherwise is like piloting on rails above a beautiful landscape with a dead sky!! Again, this weather has pretty much got shattered with su7 in a matter of minutes for us! in nearly two years we are left here, alone, with no acknowledgment form the developers, no reassurances no nothing, as as if it wasn’t enough they even reduced the frequency of sim updates!! given the mess created since su 7, the two years passed and less updates during the year…yes it think it’s time for a weather update only!! which I think it will benefit everyone because i cannot see how such a beautiful weather like we had wouldn’t be welcomed especially with the added accuracy of METAR…if that’s even possible now!


why do people want an avionics and aircraft-only update?
why do people want a world-only update?
why do people want a city-only update?

different teams can have their own update why not weather?

and it almost feels absurd having to point this out. some say this is not a weather simulator. well yes it is we dont fly on rails. Im sure Asobo thought this too otherwise they would not have bothered going all out in the beginning.


I think that part conflicts with those that needs the weather to be fixed as those weather tools says to be able to plan using those tools. Then those of us that actually observed the sky before su7 notice the difference more than those that only compared the weather with those weather tools.

We only had one source of weather at release of this sim and it were Meteoblue. That could develop over time and it felt “alive”. I got used to that system and adapted to that new system. Now with the new system they introduced in su7 i fly maybe one time per month and when i make the return flight i notice the weather looks exactly the same as the first flight. That were not the case before su7. It felt different every single flight. Accurate or not it felt much more like weather and that is the most important part for me.

If they can get that variety and fluidness back again with or without a specific weather update i don’t care. As long as we get it back soon. We have waited long enought to get the quality back that we once had. Only seen more or less transition fixes between METAR since su7 when we didn’t have such things before su7. But after we should suddenly accept that? Those transitions has been around flight simming forever until they release MSFS and i were really happy that those were now finally gone. Now it’s back again and will be a thing they need to tune forever.


I think people that enjoyed the sim at launch because the weather was astonishing and revolutionary are getting frustrated that after the Live weather big downgrade (between SU5 & SU7, back in 2021) the sim is not back yet to the level how it should be. Yes, each SUs include weather updates and Live weather has improved but after more than 1 year and half and knowing what the Live weather engine is capable of, it is disappointing to still have more like an “arcade” Live weather than a “realistic & dynamic” model as it was implemented at the beginning. So that thread is a way to ask Asobo: please give us a sign, a hope, that one day, sooner than later, we will get back the Live weather that astonished us so that we can enjoy flying hours every day as we used to.


Having a weather-only update will not speed up progress in weather.

The aircraft and avionics updates and world updates give additional buffer time between additional major sim update releases. But they do not change the pace of development.

That is a fair comment.


then why have them? they can simply wait until the next big update and pile in their work as you said right? or would a dedicated weather update show how little is actually being done on the matter? it sounds like there is much push back from the top to keep the status quo


I will try to answer your question, but I need to caveat my response by saying that while I know that my title says “Forum Moderator Team”, I do not speak on behalf of MSFS. Jörg and Martial don’t include me in their planning, so I can only respond to what is public knowledge and draw upon my experience in professional software development to answer your question.

When the sim first launched, the team had bi-weekly updates for the first several releases. People in the forums yelled and screamed because the multiple updates broke their flight sims. There were public cries to stop releasing so many updates, so the team responded by going to monthly updates, followed by bi-monthly updates with world updates in between those sim updates. World updates typically [mostly] involve server-side updates to the streaming data and do not touch code. (Jörg has referred to these as “client-less” updates.) What that means is that you can release a world update in between sim updates, not touch code, and not affect anyone’s sim.

Recently, the team has taken that a step further, and there are only two scheduled sim updates this year that I am aware of: Sim Update 12 and Sim Update 13. I don’t have information for the reason for this decision, but I think part of the reason for this decision is to extend the beta periods to limit the negative effects that these sim updates have on some people’s systems.

So what do you do with the space in between? You fill it with other updates like world updates and city updates:

So why does the team have AAUs? The team that deploys those AAU changes, Working Title, is an outside separate development group. There is nothing technically stopping them (caveat: to my knowledge) from lumping the AAUs in with the sim updates. In fact, Working Title has submitted changes to sim updates in the past. However, my guess is that a decision was taken to introduce these separately because they follow a different development timeline and/or flow, and it may be easier for them to run their betas separately.

But, if Working Title were to submit their changes with the sim updates, it would not alter the speed at which they introduce their changes. It just means that they would be putting their code into different buckets.

I’m not here to dampen on your enthusiasm. I understand that weather is important to you. Whether you believe me or not, weather is important to me, too. I fly in the sim, too, and I haven’t seen a thunderstorm in a long time, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cumulonimbus or a cirrus cloud in the sim. But unfortunately, I don’t think that pulling weather into a separate update is going to help speed the development process.


and weather updates :rofl: no disrespect but if you really cared you would be voting here and doing anything in your power as a moderator to help make it happen. not discourage us and asking for reasons why when it is so obvious

I am trying to level with you and give you information to help you. If this is how you treat this information, then I don’t have anything further to say to you.


thanks but I dont see how any of what you said would help us get dedicated weather updates
it seems you are trying to tell us give up now its a lost cause

and adding weather updates would for sure speed up the time to introduce improvements. the difference between waiting a year and a couple of months.

I don’t think this wish is going to solve your problems. But I don’t think that weather is a lost cause.

I hope whenever live weather is back to the way it was that you will enjoy the improved weather experience and satisfied with your contributions that helped make it so :+1: