Cannot click anything in cockpit after update

Hello, just downloaded the newest update and I cannot click or toggle anything in the cockpit like before with the mouse. This is happening in the whole screen and not just part of the screen. In addition, I turned off Aircraft Systems aid in options, however when I cover over a button, it still gives me a description of the button and what it does. Anybody else or is it just me?

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First note that the way you control gauges has changed in SU5. To get familiar with the new controls, please take a look at the release notes

It can happen that your keybinding profile has been changed. To reset this, go to Keybinding and reset your mouse to the Default profile to enable mouse control again.

Alternatively you can change back to the legacy control option via General Options-> Accessibilty → Cockpit Interactions System and select Legacy

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Okay, thanks I will try that. How would I go about turning off the aircraft systems aid description box that pops up when I hover over a button?

Ahh changing the keybinding back to default worked. I guess the pop ups are a feature of the new system.

it’s possible to deactivate them. i kow i have :). I’ll get back in a bit after i have started the sim and found what it is

Can we deactivate this blue color when hovering over a button?


I am at a loss why they did this

I’m having the sane problem with my controller (Logitech X56) The only things on my controller (either stick or throttle) are the devices that control mixture, throttle, propeller or the things that control in the x-y axis. Nothing else controls anything in the aircraft cockpit (flaps, landing gear, ect.). Has anybody got a fix to thes? Other than that it seems that everything else works as advertised.
The note on going to keybinding & changing to “default” or changing to the “legacy” mode doesn’t seem to do anything.
Also download went smoothly. I did not remove anything from “community” before installing. I’m also having lock-ups where the only thing that moves is my mouses arrow. Was almost perfect before the latest update.

If you only have a controller, you need some means to easily and quickly access all the knobs and switches.
That’s why they did it.

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A lot of posts everywhere on this interface change explain that it’s part of the XBOX re-build as XBOX users have no mouse so unfortunately Asobo made the default for SU5 user interface to operate like the XBOX user may want, and the old PC users need to select the “Legacy” user interface and then there are new options for how the mouse will work and how those terrible blue boxes behave. Nobody appears to be happy about the new interface (meaning the 2 ways we now have to pick from, as the old interface is no longer there so you must pick between the new XBOX approach or the Legacy approach but it has some quirks like the blue boxes that are huge and blue color highlights). The Release Notes explain this in a very short and not terribly helpful way so many folks are trying all of the options out on their own to see what they like or what they can put up with.

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Hi guys, I am having problems with the joystick too. I will try to reset the parameters, as written here. I am playing the game. When I turn the steering wheel left or right, my camera moves along with the steering wheel horizontally … This is not normal. The parking brakes on the two-button connector on the controller also stop working. Everything is very very buggy … I think the problem is that they adapted the controls for the XBOX gamepad in that implementation of the mouse on the device. I think there should be a choice of mode. I think it’s worth choosing an outdated one. I’ll write to you later when I check. It was very embarrassing. But on Boeing, the frame rate is much better. This makes me happy. I’m happy. but now we need to deal with the controller settings. because he behaves inappropriately.

Switch from lock setting to legacy

In addition to using legacy mode, I turned off tool tips. No Instant or Delay, just plain off.
Oh, and I found you have to restart for it to take hold … at least for me.

I do find the blue highlighting to be off-putting, would be more open to experimenting with the new mode if that wasn’t a thing.

OK that makes sense I don’t have Xbox. For new people that install this program the first time I’m assuming they are ask is this for Xbox or PC. What to do and how to set the default. Because it’s very confusing. For existing users I guess that just needs to be in the release notes which it probably was. But like me nobody seems to have a read these right. Thanks for the explanation

setting my mouse profile back to default in controls made vc mouse clicks work for me.

Help on this and broader topics

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mouse not working in VC… go to controls and change the mouse back to default.

Just wait a few months and Flight Simulation will not be possible with MFS2020 .Its a game for XBOX people , more money in it for Microsoft .Mandatory updates are the worst every time there is one things change . I for one have gone back to X-Plane 11 to much Microsoft control for me .

Buh-bye then!

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