Cannot get Dark Star above Mach 1.7

I’ve tried to get above mach 1.7 many times the speed just keeps dropping. Something is bugged with this plane. Please fix it.

Try this:

Fuel cell enabled? scram enabled? , when you hit mach 1.7 nose down a bit and the speed will start to climb, once you hit mach 2 you can pitch up a bit an go from there. I got it to mach 10.1 @ 275k’ this morning.


Try this technique: Darkstar Unable to Reach Mach 3? This WILL Help! Top Gun Maverick - MSFS - YouTube

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Have you checked that your speed-brakes and/or landing gear are not deployed?

Get enough speed in the first dive. Nothing much happens if you don’t do that. I aim for mach 1.5 before pulling up just to be sure.

be sure afterburner is works. read somewhere this bird don’t need to mapping afterburner, but don’t sure it is

In the Darkstar Challenge, there is a step by step guide if you open the “Objectives” panel from the top menu bar in flight (same way you access ATC, Weather etc.). I’m not sure why they dont have this open by default in the challenge.


somehow, an update changed my brake keyboard shortcut, from right ctrol to left ctrol…
Indeed this makes a difference! Now the Objectives board works. (because if you don’t complete step 1, there are no subsecuent steps shown!)

I learned from a video that if your mach starts going down you should put the aircraft into a shallow dive until you reach maybe 650ish knots and then slowly pull up to the 20 degrees you started at. I like to maintain 10-17 degrees at first until my mach starts going up.