Can't take off from dallas/texas airports

Can’t take off from Dallas or basically any Texas airport. I get stuck on loading screen every time. Only happens in Texas(that I know of).
Xbox version. Tried different planes, reinstall, nothing worked. Not a big deal, but figured I’d let you guys know. Thanks.

edit. I tried randomly taking off from Chicago and same thing. Seems to be certain airports I can’t take off from. I purchased the eurofighter and idk if that messed with something. Uninstalling it again, but not gonna download any world updates or the plane I purchased and will check back.

edit 3- fresh install no world updates or anything. it works!
now downloading world updates to see if that messed something up.
note - can’t download japan update. getting an error:3 all other updates are downloading.

edit4. installed all world updates and now it’s working.

I don’t get it, but I’m happy now. Although Japan update won’t install. error:3.
I want to thank myself for fixing the problem, minus the Japan update. Hopefully this helps someone.

Same issue described here. Need votes to force a fix.

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this sounds simplistic - but try rebooting your console completely and re-launch. Does it fix anything?

No…seems to be an issue with marketplace airports (or at least certain ones like KORD) and SU5.

I had the same Problem with some Airports in Germany, France, Belgium and South England. Now it works again. I don’t know what the Problems solved. Here ist what I did: I deleted The Rolling Cache and built a new empty one. Quit the Program and then I deleted in the Main directory /OneStore/ the folder fs-base (for security reasons I renamed the Folder to X_fs-base). Then I made a new start. This forced the Program to download the complete, now missing folder fs-base. This is about 13 GB to download. After that I did the same procedure with the Folder fs-base-cgl. But be aware, to download that folder takes more time (its about 63 GB) After both folders were completely downloaded, i deleted the former original Folders, which were renamed. Finally i cleard the cache of the Windowsstore at C:\User\Username\AppData\Local\Packages \Microsoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache. rebooted the system and everything turn out to work again. But I can’t say which of the procedures finally solved the problem.

i appreciate your post, but this is on xbox. that’s why i find it weird. thing ran great on my pc.

Interesting. I’ll be trying this later. :+1: