Carenado Cessna 310 and Carenado Cessna 421 Golden Eagle wanted

Hello and a nice weekend,

who else thinks that Carenado should bring the Cessna 310 and the Cessna 421 Golden Eagle (and of course the legendary Cessna 337 Skymaster) next to Flight Sim 20? :slight_smile:

Ah I remember the good old Flight Simulator X days flying the Carenado Seneca and of course the retro-futuristic looking (and photorealistic looking) C310 - these two and the Seneca were the best high quality GA birds I have ever flown.

At least the Seneca already made it into the new flight sim! A great start and this should be only the beginning for Carenado.

Juliett-Charlie out.


Personally, I won’t buy Carenado planes anymore. There are better aircraft developers, who are more scrupulous about their development. For example this one:


What is wrong with Carenado planes? They look 100% photorealistic, and function flawless (I have two the Mooney M20 and the Piper Seneca, zero problems, and the spelling error bug on the digital engine gauge of the Seneca is reported).

That Milviz Cessna 310 is nice but the Carenado version looks way better :slight_smile:


Nothing, they make great looking and solid aircraft. The problem is they’ve elected to sell solely though the in game marketplace so updates come too slow and frequently get broken on arrival by sim updates. We can’t blame Carenado for the terrible in game marketplace though. I suspect they’re not happy with it either in its current state but have commercial agreements in place that can’t be broken.


I on the other hand do somewhat have a problem with Carenado aircraft. Carenado has a habit of making an AMAZING-looking aircraft with very simple, unrealistic systems that they copy and paste between their airplanes. The Milviz 310r that’s coming is an instant buy from me and many others from the community. It will just be a much more accurate rendition of the airplane. But that’s the beauty of choice, many people like yourself still purchase Carendado. Also, I agree with @Squibby6134 I refuse to buy anything from the MSFS marketplace as it appears it currently only hs negatives.


I recently subbed to a YT Channel (310 Pilot) where a couple fly their 310. Lovely plane, but his upmarket avionics scare me.
In a sim though, I’d love to have a 310 just to try some of the flights I’ve seen them take.
Carenado planes do look very nice, I have been resisting buying them on the market until I can actually fly better. See them as a reward to aim for. :nerd_face:

I don’t think Carenado’s systems are any more simple or unrealistic than anything in MSFS. Aircraft themselves are pretty copy-paste these days, as the same avionics are used in so many GA aircraft. I think the stigma on them is from the FSX days. It doesn’t hold water in MSFS.

aircraft systems and flight models are more than instruments or which Garmin you use. Carenado planes look great - no question. And I also like to fly the Mooney and the Seminole.

HOWEVER: the flight models definitely are pretty generic and a little too docile. It’s almost impossible to mishandle a Carenado plane. Also there’s almost no difference in flying the Carenado Arrow or the Carenado Mooney. The flight models are very similar.

The flight model of the Just Flight Arrows and Warrior and also of the JP152 are far superior and the planes have much more feel to them.

The worst is Carenado’s bad reputation in customer service from previous sims combined with the marketplace which doesn’t allow quick fixes. So currently since SU7 many Carenado planes are having issues. And ever since November: no word from Carenado - they announced a new plane though.

So I will take a Milviz Cessna 310 over a Carenado any day, even if the Carenado looks better (which isn’t a given, since all the pics from the Milviz C310 were pre-release, while Carenado surely won’t update the visuals of their C310, if they ever bring it to MSFS.


Fair points all around. Yeah the Marketplace exclusivity is probably something Carenado has really come to regret (though it has undoubtedly made them a lot of money.) That new plane is ages behind schedule, largely because whatever broke parts of their other plane also broke parts of it.

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On the subject of the 421, I don’t know of one incoming but the Cessna 414AW is being done by Flysimware and I have pretty high hopes for after their great work on the Widgeon. Flysimware teases Cessna 414AW for Flight Simulator - MSFS Addons


I’m pretty much over it.

I would love to have the upcoming 337 Skymaster (one of my all-time favorite aircraft) in my hangar, but after the SU5 debacle where the Mooney sat for months with an inop fuel selector? No thanks.

A pretty face will only get you so far…

MilViz gets my business for the beautiful 310 they’re working on, and I know they’ll support the model through all the sim update cycles.

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The fuel selector problem was never a problem for me because I do short flights only (30-50 minutes). But of course the realism and immersion is destroyed with the knowledge of an “inop” useless fuel selector sitting in the cockpit somewhere, and trimming the plane is not enough when doing longer flights and the fuel imbalance between the wings becomes too strong.

It´s like having seen a graphics glitch or a bug - what has been seen cannot be unseen, and the joy and pride one had with the new plane is getting damaged when noticing bugs.

Hm but I am still buying the Seminole some day, and the C310 and the Golden Eagle would be a day one purchase - because of that special cozy romantic and comfy cockpit flair only Carenado planes can give.
I have flown the C310 in FSX and the cockpit ambience and atmosphere was absolute wonderful, it “felt” way better than the not-so-perfect-looking Milviz 310.

And the Cessna 340 was one of the best Carenado planes I have ever flown, look at this gorgeous cockpit fully covered with beige leather all around - wow just gorgeous!! :smiley:

I had forgotten that there was a third Carenado (or Alabeo, it´s the same with different name) Cessna in between the 310 and 421 Golden Eagle - the marvelous Carenado Cessna 340.
Of course also coming with a weather radar and analogue electric power/ampere gauges (for deicing and stuff) and cabin air pressure gauge and many other visual goodies no default-G1000-atrocity as cockpit instrumentation can offer to more eighties aviation fans :wink:

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Looking forward to this one for sure!

I like Carenado, everything detailed, but I wish see a learjet 60 designed. Im using VR hp reverb g2 and is amazing.