Ceeate your own Bustrips

I like the preprogramed bushtrips of the Flight Simulator so I have decided to follow my various travels on other continents. I triggers memories. So what I am trying do is to build trips where I start say in Cochrane Patagonia and end up in Salta, landing on different airports in between. That would be following the Ruta 40. Ideally making sure these trips will be saved, then I can rerun them again, same as the preprogrammed bustrips, but not exact routing only start and ending airport of the particücular stage. I would also lime to see the places I visited on the Bing Globe Meed your imput and experience how to best do this. Thank you.

Sounds like Bushtripinjector imay be what you are looking for. Use Littlenavmap to create your flight plan and then the Bushtripinjector to customize and create your own Bush Trip.

Search forums for Bushtripinjector and you should find what you need. This and Littlenavmap are both free and are fantastic addons.

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Here is the post that may provide what you need:

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Thanks, sound what I am looking for!

Today I put my big Patagonia trip into Little Nav Map. Started in Bariloche and ended in Bariloche. It is a wonderful part of the world. At the end I had about 15 landings and as many waypoints. What imdon‘t understand is thaat the manual mentions Bushtrip legs. It seems that my entire bushtrip now is a leg wuth a start and and end airport. Do i create small legs first wit start and end and then compile them into 1 entire Bushtrip? If yes how do you compile them all into 1? Thanks for your help.

Great to hear you have got it working anyway!

I am not at my PC at the moment but I think the way to do it is to use the “Append” function when adding a landing point in you Littlenavmap plan. Adding waypoints keeps ut all in one leg but appending seems to beeak it up. At least thats how I remember it.

Good luck!

Thanks, got it under control now. Great Tool!