Cessna 152 cockpit too small

it’s bigger than a cub

The 152 is a 2-seat sports car. The 172 is a small sedan. Both are small.

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yes,we know

that makes no sense whatsoever …IPD would NOT change the scale :roll_eyes:

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But we only have the physical IPD of the HMD to play with. For me this makes no difference in world scale (I’m near the max IPD for the CV1), it just changes the focus.
What we need is a software IPD or “world scale” solution much the same as in DCS where you may (if needed) change the “IPD” and therefore the scale of each aircraft.
When I first got the CV1 I was unaware of this setting and posted on the forum about my experience as a man in a child’s aircraft. The F18 was smaller than some gliders I’ve flown and that clearly wasn’t right.

I also had CV1 and experienced what you described, especially in X-plane. This is indeed a software IPD which is well hidden in a config file. If I remember correctly, it is on the X-plane side. I believe all VR game has this setting. In Flyinside, there is a slider that you can use to change it.

seen that before, i disagree as i changes my IPD and as i suspected, it made no difference at all.
however am always happy to be wrong if it fixes an issue, any more info appreciated…
a simple scaling slider is what is needed, there are already way too many workarounds with MSFS and VR…its all rather sloppy IMO

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I don’t claim I know the answer to your problem. I just hope someone knowledgeable about software can find out where the parameter is hidden so we can change it ourselves.
VR scale in MSFS looks way better to me than in X-plane, so I don’t have much complaints here. So far the scale problem only happens with C152, not with airliners B747 or A320. Maybe each aircraft has its own IPD value in its code.

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Please look at p27 for a nice drawing overview of part of the problem, although the entire paper has much more information on another problem which is not directly related to the topic.

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Thanks for the link. It’s too complicated for my brain but I did vote for your world scale issue so let’s hope the user can get the tools needed to make adjustments where deemed necessary.

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While changing IPD will indeed have an effect on perceived scale, you really want to also have your head movement scaled as well. The farther you get from your physical IPD, the more this difference will become apparent, and eventually make you sick. What you really want is to scale the whole head and eye hierarchy up uniformly; this is what ultimately informs your brain of size. If you think about it, this relationship is the only thing that matters, the actual numbers used are just whatever convention is convenient for development. OpenXR returns values in meters, so ideally Asobo would build their models to actual scale using whatever units they prefer or have data for, and then just be sure to perform a proper conversion between whatever units are used throughout the sim.

thanks :O)

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I have not experienced movement scale problem while sitting down. You are talking about movement no more than 1 or 2 feet if you don’t move your seat. I only found it to be a problem across several feet. In P3D VR flying B747, the doors of cockpit entry or the lavatory inside cockpit appear smallish while sitting in captains seat. Then I stood up and walked over next to these doors, they turned into right size when I stood next to them.

I was perfectly happy until you mentioned this, LOL. Now I see that I can reach across the copilot seat without fully extending my arm. I feel like a giant. Guess I’ll just pretend I’m a giant.

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sorry, shouldnt have mentioned it :joy:

For me, the MSFS default aircraft seem to vary in size realism. The 152 indeed seems small (especially the yoke and the seats.) Interestingly, the TBM seems about right to me. The yoke is very nearly the same size as my Saitek yoke and I can adjust myself in the seat so that both the seat and the headrest are in the right place and my feet reach the rudder pedals.

I have already encountered this problem on mods for Assetto Corsa, simply because the modder did not have the VR to realize it. I contacted him on Facebook to talk to him about it, he made a change in the files and everything was back to normal.

Anyone actually measured e.g. C152 RL cockpit width from door to door and compared with VR cockpit dimensions? So we can determine if/how much is VR model off the mark.