Cessna 152 cockpit too small

I’ve noticed that about the 152 in VR as well. The yoke is tiny.

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I don’t notice a scale issue with the yoke. Can you post a screenshot?

It’s not onky the yoke. The relative scaling of the elements is OK, it’s just that the whole cockpit is too small. This has been mentioned in several threads already.
You can’t make a screenshot of a 3d scaling issue. You can only judge it through a headset.

Oh I see, it’s a VR issue. I don’t use VR…

i know its not the yoke, i was using that as an example

please vote!
[FEATURE REQUEST] Cockpit Size and World Scale in VR

this is the cockpit interaction section of the VR section.

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I have to laugh… have you ever been in a 150 or 152 in real life?



yes i have… still laughing ?

yoke is like 5 inches across in VR… nowhere near to scale

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The title is simply too funny… couldn’t resist!



That’s what she said! LOL

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What’s it supposed to be? I just measured as best as I could and it seems the yoke for me is about 9" across. It does seem like a small plane but I’ve never been in a real one.

its on par with the saitek yoke… if your seeing 9 inches, then your not in VR…

There seems to be some general scaling inaccuracies across the fleet.
The 152/172 are too small, my left elbow would be outside the door in real life if it were that small.
The A320 is massive, feels like I’m in a theatre of the cockpit, like I’m far way but the room (cockpit) is huge.
I’ve already voted on this one as I’d like to scale the cockpits myself if they are all different.
I’m not new to VR or world scaling so please don’t reply saying everything is fine. It isn’t for me!


Have you tried changing IPD value? If the IPD value in your HMD does not match your real IPD, the scale will be off.

it’s bigger than a cub

The 152 is a 2-seat sports car. The 172 is a small sedan. Both are small.

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yes,we know

that makes no sense whatsoever …IPD would NOT change the scale :roll_eyes: