Cessna 152 mod - which one to go for?

Student simmer trying to work on his checklists and procedures.

Bit frustrated with the default FS C152. I notice my elevator trim doesn’t work with the inputs from my Honeycomb Yoke (no issues with starboard side). Previously, during night time flying, the cabin lights were flickering too.

Would you recommend I install a mod? Which of the mods to Cessna 152 runs more stably/better with the recent FS update?

Currently I see two options available both on GITHUB - a) MSFS C152X Realism Mod and b) JPL Logistics C152. I tried the latest version of the C152X mod. Engine start noise is stuttering and I notice the left elevator trim continues to remain non-functional.

I’m noticing these bugs while being in the parking gate at Sedona.

Assistance greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

I’d go for this one. Tried them both. This one has DME functionality together with a bunch of other enhancements which transform the aircraft in to a jolly nice little runabout.

See main Thread here:



The engine is starting right but I notice my radios flicker when turned to ON and I cannot communicate with ATC. Kindly advise.