Cessna Longitude - No altitude in FMS


I rum the longitude on a PC, Steam version with working titles G3000. I can autoload a flight plan with waypoints from the “world” view, but no altitudes are put into the FMS. Bugg, lack of knowledge or not implemented?


Neither. VNAV not supported.

I don’t believe it is supposed to.
The altitudes in the flight plan are for ATC use.
I’m not all that familiar with the Longitude, but in larger jets, you must enter the cruise altitude in the FMC manually.
That entered altitude is used to compute performance stats such as fuel requirements, etc.
ATC will give you clearances to your cruise altitude.
The pilot enters those in the A/P when they are received!

Well, the flight level is loaded in the FBW 320, at least for some WP. What would help is to have the restrictions, ILS glideslop altitude etc. populated as I written in the flightplan from navigraph.

That’s because FBW has their own Flight Planning engine (actually it’s open sourced from Working Title) - the same one that’s in the G1000 NXi. And thus, that supports all the correct AIRAC procedure/leg types, so you can fly VNAV on their A32x, same way you can on any plane that can use the Working Title G1000 NXi.

It’s just that G3000 is due for the “NXi” treatment to turn a phrase. It needs to be revamped to take the new Flight Planning engine, and after that, it will support VNAV.

All this really goes away for stock planes when Working Title can rip out the sim’s Flight Planning Engine logic (at MS direction), but for that to happen, all the FMS must be able to understand the FP logic first. FMS->Sim FP Engine->ATC is the order oif improvements.

No, I think you have the wrong idea!
What you are seeing in the FBW A320 are altitude constraints.
These are altitudes you cannot fly above or below due to terrain obstacles, traffic routing, or sound abatement.
These are published (included) in Sid’s and Stars.

we will have those in the G3000 when WT will implement their NXI’s code/flight planing with it this year

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Aha, I see. So we have to wait for that feature.

This item has been resolved with the delivery of the G3000/G5000 in Aircraft and Avionics Update No. 1, January 2023.