Changed RAM CTD

False alarm guys, just did a 4 hour flight in the Default 787 and all was gravy. It must be the A32NX MOD.

Appreciate the feedback and things to think about.

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forum is full with that, in special the big CTD thread. A lot of users run into these overclocking issue and we had a lot of discussion about ( e.g. some users have the opinion XMP is not kind of overclocking ).

note : bug/issues category might be not the correct one for hardware/settings questions


Stress tests and benchmarks are not enough to find stability after any kind of OC. Real life usage is.
For example, when I first OC my I7 10700K to 5.1Ghz all core I thought all was fine, ran tons of stress tests and benchmarks for hours, fully stable, good temps.
And then I launched Automobilista 2 in VR, crashed. Elite Dangerous in VR, crashed. MSFS in monitor, and crashed too, and Horizon Zero Dawn compiling shaders after new NVidia drivers, and also crashed.
I raised slightly my core voltage, and all those games was happy at 5.1Ghz and run fine.


Folks new to this should know that raising voltages increases heat by the square instead of as a linear relationship. You have to have enough cooling headroom to be able to do this and anyone who does should monitor temps under load for a while to make sure all is well. (Only mentioning since a lot are new to computer hardware. Old hands already got this.)

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Yep, agree, good cooling is key when raising vcore. I was using my good old Noctua NH-U12P SE2, which did a very good job with my previous i7 3770 OC 4,5Ghz during 9 years, and also from last September for my i7 10700K OC at 4,9Ghz. I changed it recently for a Deepcool Gamestorm Assassin III (what a name). That’s why I was able to raise to 5.1Ghz and keep good temp below 85° during stress test. I stand to 5.0Ghz or 4.9 depending my mood for now, below 76° stress test. I think it’s enough with coming CPU optimization end of this month. In any case, MSFS is the only Sim needing such power. Coupled with the RTX 3070 and only a 1920x1080 TV I run fine all other games sims apps . Over-killing power until I upgrade my good Rift CV1 VR headset, that’s my next move :wink:

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And even if you have the right CPU and the right cooling factors like how clean your power is coming into and out of your power supply can tweak things.

I upgraded my ram from 16gb to 32 gb and and immediately had CTD until I adjusted the ram by disabling XMP profile to run below its speed. Would be happy to know how to fix this.

There’s nothing unusual here, occupying four slots is always harder on the controller than just two and XMP is an overclock not a right. Even though I can still use my 3200MHz XMP with 32GB I am seriously considering dropping back to 16GB and a 3600MHz OC that was always solid before I upgraded. And that’s with rather expensive (at the time) CL14 Samsung B’s which I don’t suppose yours are.

You should not have to do this unless it is cheap inferior memory,

This is not true. As has already been described, using 4 sticks of RAM puts more stress on the memory controller and usually requires a higher memory controller voltage to be stable at higher frequency. If the memory controller is unstable, it can cause CTDs, BSOD, and may even refuse to boot entirely. This issue is NOT necessarily caused by cheap RAM.


Lets not get dragged down with words, upgraded 16 to 32 how, adding how many sticks where?

If you had a 16 in slot one and added a twin odds are you need to move the OEM to slot 2 and 4 to engage dual channel* with most motherboards

*dual channel said in Dawid nasal tone

Moved to #self-service:pc-hardware as this is not a valid bug report.

Also a friend is the manual of the motherboard

True but not many folk upgrade from one stick to two. Just to add to the confusion I’ll mention you can have single and dual bank ram too which can also make a difference. Single bank generally has all it’s chips on one side of the module, dual on both sides.

I’d run memory stress test and only go as high as you can that’s stable rather messing around loading in and out of msfs that’s all I did when I built my pc a little while ago any more than 3800 and I got issues, I made sure I kept 1:1 infinity fabric aswell :+1:


Also keep in mind that if you purchased your new memory from a different manufacturer or the memory was from the same manufacturer but a different type this could cause a PC crash problem. Memory sticks with different specs will sometimes not mix with others very well, especially when overclocked.

Even an identical EAN doesn’t mean identical chips are used

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Test them in pairs and you will find they all meet the xmp spec on published supported mainboards (which incidently doesn’t guarantee that they will work with every game, app or program out there).