Changing settingprofiles by button

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recently I thought it would be nice to have an option to change the setting in MFS2020 by button :sunglasses:. I mean, when I am in-game I just click a certain button and my setting will change. I was wondering if there is any possibility to do that. I have an x56 Hotas and my plan is to change the profile settings of the Hotas by flicking the mode selector, because I use different settings on the Turboprobs as on the Jetliners.
Maybe anyone of you can help me. :pray:
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Hey there, @D3RL0V3RB0Y. Welcome back. Since your post sounds like a capability you would like to see implemented for your HOTAS, I moved it to the “Community Help Center/Peripherals” category. Here there may be others that can help with your question. Blue skies, my friend.

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well, go ahead, you can do that right now.
just assign the proper things for the proper mode.

Think you’ve read it wrong. They want to change the assigned profile in MSFS’s control options using a button/shortcut.

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yeah exactly :pray:

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