Check list to do after each update

Until Asobo updates their release notes to add them, or makes them unnecessary, here is a reminder of a few things to do after each update.

  1. check the Profile/content manager that there is no content that needs to be updated. In the case of patch 1.9.5, if you have installed the Japan package with 1.9.3, there are two new contents to download, one of which corrects the bug of the tall buildings introduced by the Japan content.

  2. Check the Options, as it is known that patches can reset the options.

  3. in the Options/Data, delete your rolling cache and clear your Manual caches. This could avoid you a number of in flight crashes to desktop. Reset the rolling cache to ON after that (rebuilding the caches will take a little while).

  4. Last but not least, say a little prayer that the patch doesn’t introduce too many regressions. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doing all of these may help a little. Also please note that some 3rd party content or plugins may break or introduce instabilities, so it is a good idea to deactivate them at least for a few days after the patch, play without them to check the stability of the game, and check regularly their updates.

If you have other ideas, don’t hesitate to add them.

Good luck !


Thank you very much for these precious advices that I hasten to implement!


Thank you for this! I accidentally stumbled over the hanging updates mentioned under 1.
But why is that on the customer to check for updates after an update?? :flushed:
Plus I had to restart several times and relog to Ms store to finally get access to the content manager!
Shouldn’t it be automatically updated with the update? I mean… I don’t know anymore. This all is very confusing to say the least. :joy:


I understand you! For me, the updates did not pose any problem … Finally and despite all the difficulties, I spend a lot of time flying all kinds of aircrafts all over the world, so I forgive the difficulties of the simulation development !

Thanks for the tips. Couple questions: how do I find the local cache and what size rolling cache limit should I set?

If you don’t know where the local caches are, then you probably don’t need to touch them. From what I understand, they can be used to play the game offline. in the options they are called Manual caches.

As for the rolling cache, I would believe 20-30 Gb is enough (mine is 20 Gb). Setting it to 50 Gb is probably not useful.

Thank you for the reply.

Up !

Quick reminder, just in case.

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