Citation bumps in runway

Occasionally I will run over something when on taxi? There is nothing there, but aircraft moves violently over to one side?

Hi @RobustRichey,
Does this happen at the same airport all the time? And is it only in the Citation? There is a topic that we are using to keep track of these runway tears (does not matter what aircraft) but the tears are visible.
Runway Tears / Terrain Issues in Photogrammetry Areas - Bugs & Issues / Airports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

If you could note on your post here what airport the invisible tears/bumps are at, that would be great!

Thank you

Orlando taxi going around airport. Aircraft completely sunk into taxi up to fuselage. Had to reset!

Taxi j heading to 36R. Aircraft fell into hole up to fuselage. Almost turned over numerous times. Cars also crossing j from interstate below?

Also when landing 1 left at Ktpa the aircraft hit something on runway throwing aircraft 50 feet into the air. Nothing wrong with landing from pilot position?