Concorde AP / AT and Reheats

I am loving the DC designs Concorde but have a few questions around the AP.

Do other people find it generally quite buggy - like it doesn’t always do as it’s told, especially in super sonic flight?

Secondly, with the auto throttle engaged, IAS Aquire set - concorde seems to accelerate using the reheat afterburners even when you have the master switches (behind the throttle quadrant) turned off. Surely this isn’t correct? It makes the AT almost unusable as Concorde only used reheats to take off, and accelerate through the speed of sound up to MACH 1.7 - it wouldn’t use them every time the AT wanted to accelerate the plane?

All your questions are answered in the DC Designs Concorde main thread already.

Do you have a link or know the answer? I haven’t seen that thread.

You can actually search the thread for the answer instead of asking the question again

If I knew how to do that, I wouldn’t have asked but thanks for the link.

The magnifying glass at the top right

Yes so I can see the thread but don’t know how to find the answers to my specific questions

Click the magnifying glass. In the box, on the far right, click the symbol for Advanced Search. You can search within the topic. I suggest terms like “reheat” or something like that.