Contests are unfair

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I’ve also noticed that they sometimes ignore their own stated contest paramters, displaying fewer than the promised number of honorable mentions, selecting entries that violate the stated contest rules, and disqualifying entries that do follow the rules. My entry to “The Setup”, for example, followed the rules to the letter and was more popular within the entry thread than the selected winner (link) yet was nowhere to be found, while another user’s entry that clearly violated the “clean desk” rule was selected for honorable mention.

March 18th Development Update

I also could have sworn there was at least one contest that stipulated default aircraft/liveries only, where that rule was thrown out the window.

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Yes, I’ve also seen (and grumbled about) screenshots ‘breaking the rules’ being allowed/accepted, even when it doesn’t concern a prize. But I’m a conscientious person and make sure to only post within the rules. Many users don’t read the rules and post images somewhat blindly. There are many shots in the competition thread that have no relation to any dream vacation and are just general screenshots of nothing in particular; you’ll never really get away from this situation so we have to rely on good judgement by the moderators or competition judges.

As for the competition itself, many countries are excluded and you might argue that that isn’t fair also, but of course there can be many reasons for that including legal ones.

I’m not sure why your software isn’t working but this competition obviously needs a working copy of MSFS to be able to enter. If you have issues that’s unfortunate, whether due to your own hardware situation or what you may consider to be the developer’s fault, but it’s not possible to give all people an equal chance due to the nature of the competition and its requirements. It’s not one of those “no purchase necessary” competitions that you sometimes see around, unfortunately.

Realistically, what would you expect to happen to give everyone a fair chance? Just curious to be honest.

Why have rules then? It shows the same lack of respect and dignity that our society as a whole has come to accept.


Aerosoft have just launched a competition to send in a photo of your home cockpit with a 500 Euro voucher prize. I think that’s even less fair than this one, as it generally requires you to have spent a good chunk of money on hardware in order to be in with a chance of winning more. Better it offered those less fortunate a chance.

I wish all could be equal but unfortunately it is never that simple. No doubt the person that wins the graphics card will already have a 3090 in their machine but it won’t have stopped them entering. People, fundamentally, are selfish and greedy. It’s a fundamental part of survival but it transcends our basic needs for food and shelter and encroaches on to the desire to grab anything material or monetary, especially when it can be had for free, whether we need it or not!

Heck, there is even a screenshot from FSX in the competition thread. Some people will try anything to get ahead in the game and have no scruples about cheating. So I don’t like it any more than you but you have to live with it…


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