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hello. I often use different control profiles for different aircraft and find it very inconvenient to select profiles through flipping. I have to spend some time on it every time, which is annoying. It would be much more convenient to use the drop-down menu. And ideally, you need the ability to save a common profile of all devices. I hope for feedback from developers in the future. Thanks.

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I’m using, payware, it detects the aircraft and choose rhe right profile.


I got the airbus side stick for xbox x. plug it in and nothing shows up in control options. do I have to do anything else ?

I didn’t think that was compatible with Xbox.

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The #self-service:wishlist subcategory in Community Support is for Community voting of items you would like to see added to MSFS.

There is currently a wishlist on this:

Saving and loading Hardware profiles individually for each Aircraft automatically are basics. Sadfully this feature is not implemented yet. And this after two years…

There is only one stick compatible with xbox Thrustmaster Hotas X

Actually, to confuse things further, the correct compatible model is the “Thrustmaster Hotas One”. The Hotas X is certainly named such that one would think it compatible with the Series X, but it is not.

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