CPU issues

I don’t know which GPU and graphics settings you use, but for me personally it looks ok.
You are still getting 20-25 fps at a busy airport with the A320.
If you look at the task manager, how does the utilization and speeds look?
Your CPU should do 3.7-4.2Ghz.
If this is the case, and your GPU still has performance headroom, you could reduce some very CPU demanding settings. I think traffic settings like vehicle density and glass cockpit refreshrate are mainly CPU bound. This Guide goes through some graphic settings: [HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide (3/16/2021)
Most important is that you get the same or more FPS or a smoother gameplay experience. If this has not deteriorated with this SU5 update, then I don’t think you have to worry about anything.
Users like @Neo4316 have reported, playing with virtualization may lead to better results, but this is not certain.