Crash to desktop with latest nVidia drivers - reproducible

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Using the latest Nvidia 497.09 drivers, I have a reproducible CTD - even running in Safe Mode

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  • Install the latest game ready Nvidia drivers version 497.09 & reboot
  • Launch MSFS2020
  • Select default Airbus and start position EGLL (Heathrow) ramp position 355. Using live Weather. Then press Fly.
  • The sim loads, and the opening animation of London Heathrow appears , just before the “Fly Now” button appears. Then there is stuttering, the sound cuts in and out a few times, then it immediately crashes to desktop.
  • Upon re-loading the Sim, it prompts me to open in Safe Mode. I did so, then knowing that it didn’t load any addons, I selected the same default A320, the same ramp position 355 at EGLL, and it loaded in and again, upon the opening intro animation before the “Fly Now” prompt, I got the stutters then the crash again.
  • I then reinstalled my OLD graphics card drivers - version 466.77 - loaded MSFS again and had no further issues.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:
AMD 3800XT
X570 motherboard
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
32Gb RAM

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

search 497.09

In our support, we also have rather a few issues that seem related. We are trying to make sure we are able to recreate these issues 100% reliable before forwarding them to Microsoft. That is not easy as you really need 100% clean Windows, with the driver and the sim without any DLC.

But if you have issues you can’t explain, keep this in mind.

Mathijs Kok


Nvidia Hotfix Driver 496.98 works without any problems.

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Closing topic as there already exist multiple reports about problems with the latest Nvidia drivers.
See e.g.: Poll: Nvidia 497.09 Experience

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