Creating a new tree type

Hi all,
This idea is very early in my brain so bare with me.

Post forest fire trees. I am in a mountain area so I only know what that looks like.
I don’t mean right after a fire, but 2-3 years.
You have alot of bare trees, lots of green on the ground, some small firs growing.

I am curious if its possible to create something like this since the satellite images of these areas are terrible because they show shadows of trees but not the trees themselfs
so I am not sure if one could create auto-generated 3d trees that would cover it?

Just an idea for discussion.

Two files one from the ground and one from the air to kinda give an idea as to the difficulty

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Have a look at this thread, the Season tool already added burnt trees in some areas. Make your suggestion for the exact area you want to have burnt trees and im sure Bijan (the developer) would add your request.
He is updating the tool weekly and already included dozens of user requests. :slight_smile:

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In this video you can already see some burnt trees:

That is very good! How does one map specific areas for that treatment? Also, the areas are growing again. Can you pm me when you get the chance?

Sry, no need to pm you in a public forum and im not the author of this AddOn so idk how i should help you. Reach out to the developer, maybe he can fulfil your request. :slight_smile:

As @HXArdito mentioned, I have done it for few areas such as Great Amazon fires and blurt trees by Hawaiian lava flow and a volcano in Mexico.

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Thanks, dev has been pm’ed