Creating Thumbnails - any current guide?

I was using the inbuilt method to create thumbnails for a livery under Dev mode by creating a new project and using the Inspector and clicking create thumbnail. An update a couple of months back broke this for me as when I get to inspector, there are now no options underneath.
Can anyone confirm if this method still works and the exact steps required to get to the create thumbnail button please?

I usually create my own custom aircraft and livery thumbnail with Paint3D. Hahaha.

Because I find the default aircraft angle for the default thumbnail creator doesn’t really help me selecting the liveries. So I just create a custom thumbnail with paint 3D with a photo of the aircraft, then put a white layer on top to obscure the background, and I top it off with the airline logo.

This kind of thumbnail makes it much easier for me to choose and select livery from the list, than using the default render at a certain angle that barely make the livery visible or be distinguished with one another.

Thanks. I have been creating my own custom images for the thumbnail but have now got the official method figured out after the latest changes. I agree it isn’t always the best way to discern between similar liveries but I like to keep things consistent where possible.

There is a MSFS Thumbnail Creator App (Not tried it “yet” – keep meaning to )

I agree with the consistency. That’s why I’m consistent enough to give all my liveries with the airline logos and background. It’s just the default angle of the thumbnail creator that I wish it could use a different angle. Like showcase the tail logo, which is easily be distinguished from one another instead of from the front of the aircraft that 90% of liveries are very similar and difficult to read the paint from the fuselage.

I guess for me would be to standardise using the default thumbnail creator to get the standard background, then use Paint3D to slap the airline logo as a layer on top. But that’s just me, really.

I have been searching for info on this for days. My post at flightsim-dot-com has close to 800 views - and NO replies! Could you provide me with some detailed (hopefully) instructions as to how you do it in the latest version? I would very much appreciate it.

Ken in Kansas


Maybe this is helping a bit.

I have updated it to support multiple thumbnails, docs included and even layout.json generator :wink:

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Hi all. Capture a thumbnail works fine for me. Except that the thumbnail is saved as a 412 x 170 jpg picture. Is there a way to save it as a bigger size? Thank you!