CTD after about 1.5 hours of flying to the Faroes from Scotland

Very interesting…
After about a 1.5 flight, on short final into the Faroes island, CTD. Bruh, 1st one since the latest update tho and a bit unexpected as I flew for about 6 hours yesterday (not all in 1 go) All in the WT CJ4

Yesterday I fly for all day with no problem.
Today it’s a continuous CTD after 1,5 or 2 hours over France.
It depends on which zone you are traveling to.
Some areas are a CTD 100% other is safe (like sea lol)

Last 2 long flights I have attempted since WU6 have resulted in crashes. All in the WT CJ4, flying from KDPA to KPDK. All probably exactly 90 minutes in, now that I think about it. Basically 30 mins? loading my FP into the FMC, etc., get airborne, and each time I have juuuuust made it to Indianapolis Center airspace… and crash. Reboot and jump back into FS and get the same “Safe mode” textbox described in the OP.

It’s not a CTD tho - it literally locks up, screen freezes, have to press/hold power button to reboot.

Do you have Capture One installed on your PC? If so this may solve your issue: