CTD at approach

Take off from airports with no problem but when approaching destination airport ( just before landing ) I get CTD.
It is happening all the time with payware airports.

It’s normal with a lot of airports.
Moscow, Detroit, Miami…
It’s one of hundreds of bugs we have since the SU5.

Same problem before approach and for flights longer up to one hour. No CTD for small flights…

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Also with basic airports. Payware are not the issue.

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Thanks for your reply

For those who having this problem, had you already been cleared to land, or were you waiting for ATC to grant clearance to land?

Cleared to land

The reason I ask is I’ve had some instances of crashes that seemed to be linked to Azures TTS failing to download correctly. One case was me pressing key 1 to announce my position on CTAF. As soon as I hit the key the sim crashed, but it has not done it since.

The other time I had just take off from Courchevel, and was about to leave their airspace. I was exposing the message telling to me frequency change was approved when the sim froze, there was some static, then the sim fell p over.

If you have Capture One software installed on your PC, check this thread for the CTD solution:

CTD caused by Capture One 20 codec - Bugs & Issues / CTDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


Do you have liveries installed? By that I mean ANY liveries. I’ve noticed I can go to the busiest airport. Take off, fly for hours without a CTD. As soon as I get closer into the approach I get CTD. If i remove liveries from my community folder its flawless. I had only one installed and had the same issue so it doesn’t matter for me if its 1 livery vs the whole megapack.

My only guess is as you start getting closer to ground it starts to load all the mutiplayer aircraft and tries to load a livery in and crash but I honestly have no clue…

Had 2 CTD on approach, or specifically just before touch down.
Both times were Bush Trips. I was not using 3rd party addons or unusual custom settings.

One occurred today (whatever latest version is), the other three weeks ago. So not regular or repeatable.

Wanted to report as it was unusual to me for CTD just before touch down twice. I have not had any other CTDs in recent memory.