Ctd because of latest driver

Is anyone else getting consistent ctds due to Nvidias latest driver? Every time I move my head fast in the cockpit, or rotate the screen fast outside the plane, I get a ctd. I rolled back, but the performance is terrible on the previous one.

Moved to Community Support-CTD for better visibility.

516.94 is very much what I would call stable for my rtx3060 in the latest MSFS beta.

I had to recalibrate all my settings from scratch but now I’m ultra smooth with a great frame rate.

sounds like HAGS … already disabled ?

Many are finding now HAGS enabled is the way to go, I was a former proponent of disabling.

it still depends on hardware and system , therefore the question about test with disabling.

I agree that it should work, but there are still strange reports ( in special these fast panning ), thus I think a test is at least allways a good idea :slight_smile:

What is HAGS?

“Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling” . You can check whether its enabled within " windows settings → system → screen → Grafik settings "

Thanks for that piece of information.

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Just an FYI to this thread coming soon to a Windows build near (on beta non-devmode) you get a new option to figure out exactly what it does.

I haven’t had time to test but the short explanation is it does things that DX11 cant and DX 12 does and helps.


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