CTD immediately after take off , almost always in the US

CTD are still prevalent after the world update. It is worse when flying in the US. Almost always within a few minutes of taking off.
I’ve covered all the advice and more and yet still get it.
My folders are now empty of add ons, everything is up to date. My computer is pretty strong ( RTX 3060 12gb Graphics , Ryzon 9 12 core processor, 64gb RAM ) and yet I find that the CTD is getting worse for me.
I haven’t over clocked because I wouldn’t know how to.
I enjoy this game despite its faults and bugs, but it’s becoming more and more frustrating that ASOBO don’t address the key problems in this game but push ahead with themed aesthetics, thereby creating more and more bugs long term

I had the same problem, anytime from start to 40ish min into flight, I found that if I lowered my AI traffic setting everything now works fine.

Do you by any chance have Capture One installed?

If so, your solution may be here:

Interesting. I don’t use live traffic and only use AI traffic. However I only have it set at 20%. Which is pretty low. Still get the CTD. I have no monitoring programs either.