CTD - Nvidia pilots cause!

Hello, from experience I know that the SIM has CTD depending on the Nvidia drivers installed. With some pilots I have a lot of CTD and with others very few or never.

The Nvidia driver which is very very good for me is version 516.59. Never a CTD.

Then I installed the new version 516.94 and at the first loading of the SIM, CTD!

When an Nvidia driver is stable, don’t update.

My Nvidia driver: 516.59
Download here: Pilote GeForce Game Ready | 516.59 | Windows 11 | NVIDIA

My spec:
RTX 3090
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
64 Gb RAM
Windows 11-64

Dead right mate. Stable over latest every time.

If stability is your main concern you should not be using “Game Ready” drivers you should be only using nVidia “Studio” drivers.

Also the latest drivers are fine here, no problems at all, DX11-12, Live or Beta.

Still rocking 452.06.

but,… how does it match to the SU10 BETA ? :joy:

And we have a good common topic in forum about nvidia driver, where users allways report her experiance.

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One thing though. When nVidia releases an improved driver for dlss without the Elden Ring malfunction, then of course we need to upgrade. But that’s evident I think.

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What does this have to do with beta 10? Many say that there are CTDs but maybe beta 10 is not responsible but the drivers. That’s why I posted this message in beta 10. Simple :ok_hand:t3:

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