CTD What is the best solution

For the last week now I am getting quite regular… I mean it is a 100% certain CTD now whenever I fly a IFR flight loaded up from simbrief with the A32nx (stable version) which I have re-installed it but to no avail and semi regular CTD with any long-haul IFR flight. Seems to be fine for VFR so far…
I am currently deciding on a complete re-install but that is the last option at this stage due to the time it can take to download MSFS
What is the best course of action for regular CTD?
Is a complete reinstall a fix all and hope I can find the download I first had that never gave me a CTD?? would that be a guarantee fix for anything that may be broken or is it an issue with a mod that I have downloaded from Flightsim.to? Which I have many GBs off… Is there a particular mod that is known to cause CTD, should I go through each group of mod’s and delete until I find something that is the problem?? What are your guys experiences with CTD and what works for you guys

I guess before you decided to reinstall everything, start by removing all your mods from the community folder. And do a short IFR flight in the default A320. If it’s stable without CTD, then one of your mod is definitely causing the CTD.

Thanks heaps for that mate.
Have you come across many mods that would cause a CTD even if you aren’t flying in that region

The only time I had a CTD was because I was modding some AI traffic and doing some weird and wonderful things to the Generic Air traffic models. But that’s not because of a mod I downloaded, that’s because I personally do the modding myself. But maybe if there’s another mod that has something to do with AI traffic and generic models, that’d be the first thing to look at.

But I don’t get CTDs anymore recently. And I fly the developer version of A32NX with some livery mods and some airport mods and navigraph. That’s it.

I think I may have found something… The past four attempted flights I have tried in the past hour, I got up to the stage where I was all set up and ready for push back and when selecting the tug icon on the ipad that is when I get the CTD…

Hmm… do you have any mods or apps that alters the pushback or even ground crew?

I have that MSFS pushback helper thing but I wouldn’t have thought that it would effect anything as I never open it while using the A32nx…

Yet another …

I read somewhere in the forum, that some people had ctd after last update caused by some liveries. If I am not mistaken, was American airlines livery that cause the ctd, most of the time without any warning.
Keep searching in the forum and see other opinions.
Best regards

Some other people posted a while back that the A32nx mod would crash when you ask for the tug. Another oke replied that its got something to do with the parking like its the wrong parking type or something like that. It happens to me too only at one specific airport. My sim has a bunch of mods and im playing at 4k and except for the usual microstutter when reaching an airport it runs very smooth these days (touch wood).

If it is a livery, there’s also a potential problem where if they hard painted the registration number and having to “hide” the sim generated registration number, they had to put a empty space in the livery aircraft.cfg registration number. Back when I had this issue it wasn’t a CTD, but it was stuck in the loading screen indefinitely. Like it’s trying to render the livery with the empty registration number but it couldn’t.

So some livery creators had the idea of instead of using an empty space for the registration number. They use a different ASCII character called an transparent character. So the sim can still render that character as a valid character in the registration number, it’s just that it’s transparent so it’s not visible.

I’ve reorganised my liveries according to that now.

I was determined to run ultra settings on a 5700 xt. I now run high settings and CTD went a away.

It’s the tug I have found… Every time I select the tug it drops out… I might have to find on here why the tug is causing CTD

Well I guess it is my turn for a rough ride on what I thought was a great simulator…
I guess it will be VFR/short prop IFR from now on…
Since the last update A32nx ( the only thing that works in some capacity and the funny thing is, it’s not even a MSFS product) is completely unstable crashes almost every time I use tug, the few times, well twice I got it up in the air it would wave roll and pitch around, especially when I use the sim rate which never happened before… I tried doing a complete re-install, cleared the entire A320 community file/default, un-installed that windows update thing that some had issues with… Totally gutted as like many of you it clearly effects each and one of us in completely random ways… I spent close to $200NZD on something that apart from the beauty of the VFR world and basic prop flying… Everything else is a complete and utter sham and scam…

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