Current issue with live weather and associated ctd (and possibly black screen on xbox)

Yes IRL… but I doubt Rex weather gets enough data from METARs to simulate temp inversions.

Who wants to bet that the live weather issue is because of the year change? I’ve seen this as a classic issue in software development over the years where coding hasn’t taken into account the new year date change and thinks its searching for 2021 data instead of 2022.


I wouldn’t be surprised lol

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Well it did cause Exchange servers to go down globally because of a bad code switch so I wouldn’t doubt it.


Had some CTD on Beta with live weather (yesterday & today). Turned it off as per recommendation and no CTD’s ,all flights were smooth.

Live weather enabled in the DATA settings seems to be the cause of stuttering even if you fly with preset weather. Disabling live weather in the settings seems to fix all the issues caused by this bug.

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Thanks for this. I added this information to the first post as it may be of use to some who find that simply using pre-set weather is not enough to correct issues caused by this.

As a more general point, the suggestions in this thread will unlikely improve any other performance issues and/or ctd issues that existed in a MSFS installation prior to this particular live weather bug, that started on new year’s day. It would be great if it did- but alas this thread is specifically for a possible workaround to the knock on effects of this specific live weather issue. I would urge everyone to bear this in mind when posting in this thread.

But EVERYTHING is on line these days…

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Well, in my case unfortunately live weather has nothing to do with it. Yesterday I tried to start a flight with LW off from the very beginning. It wasn’t long when my fps dropped to 10-12 making sim completely unflyable again. CPU and GPU at idle. I believe this issue is rooted deeper in some server problem, since my FPS went back to normal levels IMMEDIATELY as I closed the session and returned to main menu. I am yet to try and start a flight with online functionality completely shut off, which is what I’m about to do today. But then again, for me, as I believe for many other users out there, sim is useless without online data…


Preset weather certainly fixed mine ,many hours lost searching for a cure.

Goodness… I sincerely hope not!

My game CTDs regardless of weather the last two days 1-15 minutes after loading into an airport. Has happened 7/7 times so far. Really frustrating.

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Did some further testing and started a flight with online functionality switched off. The same problem appeared a few minutes after the launch. Massive fps drop and complete recovery as soon as I went back to main menu.

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Has anyone noticed yet that in world map menu live weather seems to be working, when planning flight there are informations about current weather at given airport, even those without METAR informations available (eg. EDBH), so things like wind speed and direction are somehow taken from global weather information and are able to be shown in world map/ flight planning view). It’s just that those informations are not injected into simulation itself, so I’m not that sure if that’s servers fault. There are also clouds visible when scrolled away to certain distance at world map which I believe also are depiction of weather server data. On top of that there is a graphic in top right corner of world map view that shows in general what weather is at selected route and it seems to be accurate (shows clouds or even rain if there is on route). Considering all that it seems MSFS currently gets weather information at world map level. Just not able to make use of that inside simulation.

Yeah, airports are also reporting correct metars.

Adding screen taken in world map view showing that there is definitely some weather data processed there (things affected by weather data marked with red circles - clouds, winds and general weather on route, so weather servers are probably fine. METARs are reported to be fine but also airport without METARs like EDBH have correctly calculated weather when in world map view. It’s just not properly injected into simulation.

Anyone know if there is a way to make the ground snowy with the preset wearher?

Btw i noticed that the lights that should be on the ground at the airport “floats” above that…

It almost made me crash during the last landing as it made me doubt the instruments…

Yes… I’ve certainly noticed that the ‘flight conditions’ image in the top right corner of the flight planning page has always looked correct throughout the recent live weather breakdown. Very peculiar indeed!

Don’t know if anyone noticed, but the sim is still injecting visibility data. What’s missing are cloud, wind, pressure (and temp?) data, which is weird.
Also, I’m in beta, so I don’t know if there’s something different on that end.


Since su7 the visibility from METAR is not from server. It’s the sim that injects that. The rest comes from the servers.