Custom liveries on the Xbox version?

Like we have the ability to download custom liveries on the PC version of MSFS, will we be able to download custom liveries (airline liveries like United, Delta) on the marketplace on the Xbox version (once it comes out on July 27th)?
If so, do we know if it will be available for free for Xbox users?

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No you cant, not until Microsoft decides to let everyone upload to the marketplace. Would have been nice though.

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I think as long as livery creators submits their liveries into the marketplace, that should work.

They cant, currently no one can upload anything tothe marketplace unless your a 3rd party creator with access to upload and update to the marketplace. Hopefully they open it up or give us another way to do this.


I do not see how any real world liveries can be on the marketplace unless MS lawyers and the airline lawyers have labored over it for months. I don’t think the airlines really care if freeware liveries get offered up on the the usual sites, but the minute it lands on an official MS marketplace, I bet they scream for a cut of the pie.

Just my opinion.

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[BLOG] July 22nd, 2021 Development Update - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

#06 and #23 could be very good for Xbox


Looks promising

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Well, can’t you apply to be one so they give you access to the marketplace then upload the liveries there?

Not the way it works unfortunatly, sure you can apply but you dont just get access that way. But from the looks of it things will change in the future so there is hope

Will it be possible to purchase or download aircraft liveries for the game on Xbox X series? I’ve seen some default ones but very few.

Can the PC liveries be installed on the Xbox?

No pc liveries can not be installed on Xbox, we have to wait until people can upload liveries and mods to the marketplace which is the only place to download from on xbox

Thank you,

And do you think they will arrive at some point?

Do you have any idea of the time?

Thank you

No idea it is on the roadmap to make the market place available to the community but no idea when that will be

any news about them

You can definitely install them but use them is another issue. It’s actually not that hard.

but on the xbox?

I really hope we will get it soon on Xbox…no matter whether its payware…


Yes just ftp to the console.

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If I understand correctly, have you been able to install the liveries for the PC version on Xbox S/X? If this is true, could you please elaborate on how you did it?

Hi, What if you applied the livery on the default a320 on your pc then would it show up on your default a320 on your Xbox if you applied it on the same account?