CYYZ by FlyTampa is not up to date?

I heard a lot of people keep saying that Toronto-Pearson by FlyTampa is a decade old from what it looks now. I never been to this airport, so I can’t compare. However, I heard that RegDesign’s version is more up to date (still I decided to get FlyTampa, since I have trust in them).

Just curious to the users of FlyTampa’s version who are familiar with the airport, what is exactly oudated about the FlyTampa CYYZ? I hear a lot of people keep saying but never specify what exactly about it is oudtated. :sweat_smile:

that’s an interesting topic…I was going to purchase the add-on on CYYZ for my long haul with the A380 of FBW once it’ll be released.
At first, i saw the ad from RegDesign, and was very much impressed by it. Then I saw Flytampa’s ad, and liked it too, but was more doubtfull though. I have EKCH from Flytampa, and i am very satisfied with it. I wonder if one day, Flytampa is going to update it with automatic guidance system at the aprons. I’m very impatient to have that feature in all the major airports!
I think i will go for the RegDesign version of CYYC though… :thinking:
Their ad, was more convincing than the one from FlyTampa.

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I’ve seen a few comments, mainly on FilbertFlies review stating the same that it is majorily outdated, without any backing information (even after being asked to provide some).

I own both Reg and FlyTampa YYZ and the layout is very much the same. Even looking at aerial shots of YYZ in real life versus the add-ons the terminals match up so I’m not sure where the outdated portion comes from.

As someone who owns both and have tested both, you are better off with the FlyTampa version. RegDesigns is beautiful, its a stunning airport inside and out. The price for that is FPS. It is a resource hog.

They have stated they will work on optomizing it, and have released a texture pack (which reduces the textures by 50%). it is not pretty in the least, but I guess will get people by for now who want to use it.

I did some comparisons and posted here;

In short, unless you have a high end GPU, I would stay away from RegDesigns for now.

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Not gonnal lie, I was really confused about FlyTampa. On the Facebook page they state that CYYZ is based on 2021-2022 layout - but so much people keep saying it is outdated. Usually FlyTampa is among the best in line, and I trust them (but I gonna be honest now there are developers who outperform them).

P.S. One thing about they EKCH… I still do not understand what is Lufthansa’s 747 doing there. It is a long haul aircraft, and there’s no sense to operate it on a such a short haul unless it’s a cargo plane - which it is not :smiley:

totally agree on the B747 of DLH at EKCH…it has nothing to do there. all the trees between rwy and taxiway neither…yet, they didn’t update that very important detail. Luckyly I’ve found a mod that removes them.
Now to come back to the topic ( CYYZ), skypilotsYTS convinced me to go for the FlyTampa version rather than RegDesign. My rig is medium level and getting “old”, so considering it is a “pilot sim” and not a pasenger sim, I’ll go for the less detailed inside and keep the “decent” amount of FPS my rig can still provide. One, has to know its (rigs) limits.
Thanks for the tip skypilotYTS, and happy flying all of you!


i fly into toronto once in awhile it looks like it should

I will probably bite the bullet and get this one! The Reg Version performs terrible even with the released low texture pack it still stutters.