DA40-NGX Improvement Mod (SU7, v0.8.5, Nov 21)

Can anyone enlighten me what the message “FADEC Check FAQ” displayed in the G1000 alerts means? I read about the FADEC, I checked the FAQ but I still don’t get what the issue is. The FADEC seems to do the job described in the PDF (I can see the RPM going up and down when I change the throttle position) and everything seems to be as it should, but the message gives me the feeling that I am missing something.

Me too,but I still can’t solve it.
Did you solve it?
Can you teach me?

I’m sorry, but I removed this mod, so I cannot help you. The message was gone for a while for me (without having changed anything), but suddenly reappeared. The message also appeared when all other mods except Navigraphs new AIRAC data were disabled, so it was no conflict with other mods or tools.

Seeing as there were no other hints here about what might be the reason, also not in the FAQ that everyone keeps pointing to I have just given up and moved on. The only hint there is that it is normally related to SimConnect; you might check if you have some addons or tools that use it. I’m not sure if Navigraph and LittleNavMap or Pilot2ATC fall into that category. I do use these but I don’t have a SimConnect.cfg anywhere. I don’t know, none of these were running when I had the problem.

There’s so many interesting mods and planes; right now I’m enjoying the DC-6 :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll get back to this later.

There are too many mods, free and paid for me to test.

I cant know if there is an issue if no one tells me :confused:

you say the RPM is following the curve correctly even with the message?

please read and, yeah


I have the same message in my PFD. In my case I don’t think the RPM follows the curve though, RPM mostly seems to try to stay at 2150.

Any ideas? Also, which FAQ is the warning referring to? I tried to find an FAQ but so far no joy.

the FAQ is on the flightsim.to page

Oh my, thanks! I’ve been looking the page up and down several times but always missed it! I seriously need new glasses…

I don’t think I have any other simconnect mods as is mentioned in the FAQ. Unless the DA62X mod counts, I would suspect that uses simconnect too. But on the DA62X the FADEC works just fine for me. I guess I’ll try temporarily removing all other mods and see if that changes things.

Also, I forgot to start by thanking you for your wonderful mods! I’ve been enjoying the DA62X for many, many hours. Only just downloaded the DA40 today, though.

Edit: I can now confirm that it is a collision with another mod. With only the DA40 mod the FADEC works. So now I’ll need to put them back in one at a time to see which one it is. Here’s hoping it’s at the beginning of the alphabet, hehe.

if you can figure out which mod it was, that would be great

I’ve now put all mods back in and the conflict doesn’t arrise again. Strange. Anyway, I’m sorry I couldn’t give more helpful feedback on what the cause was, but for my part I’m now happily in the sky with the DA40.

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its been a while


update of the Beast ^^ danke dir

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My engine just failed 10 minutes after takeoff, says ECU fail. Was forced to make an emergency landing at a disused runway. Googled to find out why it happened, turns out this mod simulates the loss of engine if you’re pushing it too hard (I was pushing it at 100%). I’m super amazed, just had my first “real” emergency in a simulator that I didn’t set up ahead of time thanks to this mod.


you are the only person who openly likes this feature. everyone else hates it.


like everything, you rarely see people on forums telling they like something

I like that feature


Count me in the group who likes the feature too! Adds some depth.


Plus 1 @MrTommymxr


Why would anyone hate a realism feature making it possible to destroy an engine by overheating or overstressing it?
I always hated the fact that every airplane engine can be set to 100% full-throttle even in the middle of a desert, and two weeks later (when testing with infinite fuel) it would still be roaring at 100% without having lost one single drop of oil, without ever overheating, and without any failure or problems at all.
This is not realistic.
The more realism and taking good care of a plane and it`s engine is necessary, the better.


It’s not exactly realistic that an engine quits just because you run it a full power for 10 minutes. But it IS realistic that you don’t do that in any airplane so it forces you to reduce the power after takeoff. 10 minutes is a very aggressive (towards the engine) approach to do that anyway… Keeping in mind that this is a freeware mod made because he wants it it’s a great feature for sure.