DA62, still performance issues

Well… time after time, and the DA-62 issues are still there.
The plane suffers from power issues, and flight dynamics and it hasn’t been fixed yet. I wonder if Asobo adjust performance and then give it to some pilot to test or at least compare to actual AFM/POH numbers before they call it done ?!

For me there is 2 big issues :

  1. Power needed to move, about 70-80% power just to initiate the move for taxi.
  2. Extremely slow acceleration. Even a full plane accelerates as fast as twice then this one.

I created a short video to show the issues, nothing fancy, just the issues and why this airplane need more work.


Just curious… do you fly a DA-62 in real life?

Search for the DA62NX Mod right here in the GA forum…a simple download and unzip into the Community folder and the DA62 flies almost as good virtually as the real thing.

Sure ASOBO might eventually fix it…but why wait :slight_smile:


I was an flight instructor on the DA-42NG for 1.5 years, it’s smaller brother and had the opportunity to get a ride at the back of a 62 model. These planes, with their diesel turbocharged and geared engines are pretty powerful. The FS2020 DA-62 acceleration is not near the real thing. If you need 70-80% power to just start moving it’s already a red flag !

I used this mod before, however I want Asobo fix the issues with their planes first. I fly a little bit on everything, and don’t want to get drowned in the mud of add-ons and mods just because they can’t deliver decent performing airplane.
Eventually I will use some modes but these issues has to be fixed. Every time the add “Airplane optimization” I hope for some change but it’s never there.

Don’t hold your breath.


There are certainly many things they should and probably will eventually fix.
I don’t quite understand the logic of not using a perfectly usable mod that makes at least one airplane pretty darn close to perfect and opening yet another thread to complain about an issue that has a free solution, even if it is not an official one.

Write a Zendesk Squawk on the DA62 and wait for ASOBO to fix it if you like. :slightly_smiling_face:
What do you expect to happen with this post ?? Some guy at ASOBO to cancel his family Xmas and sit down and make a special update for you ??

Personally I’d rather download a fix now and enjoy a great airplane.


That’s the reason I asked: my time is all in singles, with the bulk of it in a Skyhawk. So I guess I’m pretty used to underwhelming performance.


You’re right of course… when you need to firewall the throttle just to get moving it isn’t normal.

I was frustrated for a long time with the DA62. Since I tried this mod, I haven’t looked back. I honestly don’t think Asobo could ever makes it this good. Plus, if you use the G1000 mod, it adds an extra page for engine monitoring to the MFD. That will NEVER happen with what Asobo would do.


The default aircraft in FS98 through FSX were nothing short of horrible. I don’t think I ever used any of the default models, except the F/A18 Hornet in FSX Acceleration.

At least in MSFS, some of the default models are pretty good. I “fly” the 172 Steam Gauge A/C quite a bit and I feel right at home.


I agree…but I used the default C-172 in the legacy sims as the plane in the startup flight to make loading a bit quicker.
Plus some of my addons including our Connie series sometimes caused issues when they were loaded in the Last Flight location. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I spent more than 20 minutes in any of the default airplanes in these sims.

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