DA62X Improvement Mod (SU5, v0.5.0.2,Sep 26)

Thanks, so if I use the non FADEC version in-sim the only difference will be that I will have to keep adjusting my throttle?

correct. as you climb the air temperature drops, giving you more power.

after a certain point the turbo cant keep up and power will drop. These values still have to be tuned


Interesting… Just tried the NOFADAC version and no CTD. So it is only the FADAC version that causes the CTD

NoFADAC = Smiley face :slight_smile:

I am guessing the CTD with FADAC is something specific to my controller setup?

Awesome that the DA62 is getting some love, a question tho, will this be a DA62 only project or all Diamond aircraft. If it’s all Diamond aircraft, have you considered setting up a discord so we can more easily follow this project :slight_smile:

nice that it finally works… hm, need to see.
check your DMs i sent you my discord

well we can only really work on the 40 and 62. the 20 and TDI are locked.

i also want all the the questions and feeback here and not have it segmented. Probably will make one for the Devs. Need to see

Will do. I need to get back to “Work” cough so not actually tested flying it. But I will look at testing it later this evening. Thanks @MrTommymxr legend!

Ah ok, that’s fair enough. Will you be uploading the DA62 mods to a 3rd party website, like Flightsim.to or MSFSaddons.org once they’re stable?

already have the 40 on Nexus. Again, need to see.

Thinking of only GitHub, as everyone here is using it, however i have no idea how to set it up.

If anyone wants to help. please :slight_smile:


Im confused what’s max continuous on the 62.

Engine can do 95% (2250rpm), but the prop max Continuos is 2200rpm (90%).

currently this is what i have setup in the g1000, obviously the lower wins, but im not sure

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also cruising at 3° nose up doesnt seem right

Never taken the DA62 to that altitude before!

So the AUX tanks also have a quantity probe.
but where do they show the fuel on the g1000?

I assume on the Fuel page with a separate line after the main tanks?

No problem with 20000ft,

I did after release date Himalaya flight near Makalu, Lhoce, Everest from Lukla t/o and had perefect feeling from peaks :slight_smile: I must say flew with clear weather q1013.

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Most diamond aircraft - You tell the system/fuel page the amount of fuel you have. The fuel flow determines how much is left. The probes are only for the caution indicator that says L/R AUX FUEL E. The G1000 docs for the DA62 have this as an “Option”.

So your pre flight in DA40, DA62 is to set the fuel quantity manually in the G1000 systems page.

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IRL can be used at 95% cont.

so the prop yellow actually starts at 2250 or do you simply fly in the yellow?

Max continuous power is the power setting you can set the engine throttle to, so you won’t damage the engine parts and prop. Take-off power is full power and you can only use that for a max 5 minutes. You then throttle back to 95%. As you climb your max power available will go down.

When you take off, the procedure is gear up, flaps up, adjust climb speed, power to 95%, trim.

yeah, but if you look at the charts, they dont match

You set power to not exceed either. If that’s 90% then that’s the max, but as temp, altitude density changes, performance changes, so you may be able to set it to 95% and not exceed the rpm under different conditions.

MSFS does not have this set up right anyway.

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