DA62X Improvement Mod (SU7, v0.6, Nov 03)

Can you add the third seat cabin views? The just added middle seat options look great.

I did see some people mention that the plane completely sinks on short final when reducing power to idle. Seems like this might be how the actual plane behaves. Here’s a video showing that some power is kept until touchdown:


I remember watching this series, such a great set of videos.


I tried to use the DA60 with the GTN750 mod of PMS5. With this mod the FADEC of the DA60 will not load for me. After removing the mod everything is fine again. Posted this on the GTN750 page as well. Maybe one of you can look at this issue. Thank you!

Is there a GTN mod for MSFS? Is it compatible with the DA62?


And it seems it is currently not compatible with the DA62.

My understanding is that mod is still in development. Probably shouldn’t use it with other addons until the developer verifies that it is compatible.

Sorry for any confusion I might cause. I know that the GTN750 is in beta version. And being not compatible with the DA62 refers to the DA62 mod of MrTommymxr only.

Exactly. The current version is a replacement of the G1000 MFD so any MOD that also changes something on the MFD will not the compatible. It is one or the other.
However, all that is not related to the MFD itself will work.

Yep, He is definitely keeping power in until after the plane touches down and then you can see him pull the throttles back.

Can it be, that the speed is shown to high in the airplaine? Navmap shows a different Speed to my Airplaine…?

LNM shows either GS or TAS, can’t remember which. Your airspeed indicator will show IAS. So they will show different speeds. Check the TAS which is reported at the bottom of the speed tape, or the GS which is reported on the MFD, somewhere towards the top.

As @CristiNeagu has told, you may messed all the speeds up a bit.
Little Navmap basically shows GS (TAS on Progress tab), in the DA62 you can find both IAS, TAS and GS too. Check if you’ve compared the same types, at least I haven’t noticed differences with apps like Little Navmap, SkyDemon, etc which take the speed value from the sim.
If you’re not familiar with all these speed “types” and their purpose, check for it, lots of Youtube and written materials are available.

Mauflo, LMN shows GS in its MAP display. And that matches what the DA62 shows on the top row of the MFD above the big map :wink:
The airspeed tape on the PFD shows IAS or indicated air speed.
And just below the speed tape in a little box the TAS or true air speed is also given so you don’t have to break out the whiz wheel anymore to calculate it based on the different parameters that affect the air around your aircraft.

This is certainly the case on the DA42 although I have never flown the 62

Is it me or did World Update 4 break the MFD, at least when using the WT G1000? As far as I can see, the last update for the G1000 was in December, so apparently nobody cared to fix the “G1000 freezes when changing procedures” for months? Is there a fork that I should be using instead of the WT version?

Did you read the announcement from the WT people about the G1000?

The WT G1000 is known to be broken by this update, yes. I’m sure there’ll be a fix soon enough.

As always, remove your community add-ons when upgrading, and only add back ones that work or have been fixed to work. :slight_smile:

Nope, I’m kinda out of the loop. Got a link?

Nope. Gotta stay in the loop

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