DA62X Improvement Mod (v0.9.1.1 Oct 22, SuX)

I think I did, probably not then. Will give it another try…

Are there more of you who have problems watching the throttle move? It still seems to work, ie you can hear the sound of increased throttle, but on the other hand the throttle is stationary and does not move!

I have no extra liveries.

Any other mods?

Ive noticed that everytime i changed the FADEC out, it could take up to 30 seconds to load :confused:

There’s a known FS issue that sometimes cockpit becames “unresponsive”. You can switch buttons and push throttle and the functionality works but the buttons and the throttle does not move. I’ve only encountered it once, in a long flight after 5 almost hours but I’ve saved and reloaded the sim and it become working after that.
In every other occasions my throttle works fine in every plane incl. DA62.


The throttle levers are no longer the throttle axis.

those are values spit out again by the FADEC

Many thanks for your explanation!

Is there any other way to tie the throttle axis so they stay alive despite FADEC?


What it does is: It cuts your throttle axis from the planes throttle. It uses the planes axis to get the set power.
The throttle levers move to a separate axis made by the FADEC.

If the FADEC hasn’t loaded in, the throttles will not be cut, and the levers will not move. Prop RPM will also be stuck at 2100


Ok understand better now!

i need to make a debugging FAQ.

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FAQ on Flightsim.to


If you have anything to add, please do. These are what I came up with during lunch break

If you don’t want to change this manually each time you chose a different aircraft you could consider the payware utility called FSUIPC. It allows you allows you to create profiles per plane with a specific controller configuration. And it has lots of other useful features as well.

Check out the userguide, page 19

Please note that the latest version is still missing some features due to the current state of the MSFS SDK so make sure to visit the support forum.

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Did you make any changes to the bin, gltf and xml files in the model folder? I noticed ASOBO has fixed a few graphics issues, example lubber line on compass, I don’t see it in the mod.

I notice you include the model folder with ALL the files. Should you update your mod with these newer files?

Will take a look, thanks

Absolutely love this mod overall and been using the DA62 to do a world trip.

Had a very weird issue after the latest update. Was flying out of Unalaska in some icing and on reaching around 12500ft I had a LH engine failure and shortly after RH engine failure. This was without setting failures.

Not quite sure what was up. I will do some testing again later.

And the texture - propslow_albd and propblur_albd. :wink:

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I’ve also had an engine failure. I think the mod is designed to fail an engine if you run the engine at 100% power for too long. @MrTommymxr can confirm.

@Suff1xed @system0default

Yes. i did sneak that one in :smiling_imp:

However, it should only be triggered if you have failures enabled. Not the devmode option “disable crashes”, but the ones in the settings of the game.

As I said. It shouldn’t fail if you have damage turned off in the menu. Double check

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Ah ■■■■ Sorry I meant this for the DA40. The 62 mod does not include any bin, gltf. But there is a different text prop_albd.

yeah i realised. np