Denarq Twin Beech - Beech 18 improvements mod (New update 1.2.1)

In any case, I would tip generously for this anti-bounce sorcery to be applied to the Carenado Staggerwing, C170, and WACO, if it’s possible.

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There’s a bounce in the flight model? I thought it was just me.

When I land poorly, I might bounce. When I land well, I don’t bounce. More practice is all it takes.

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If the files were unencrypted, I think we would have improvement mods for all of them that address bouncing. I always thought, jeeze somebody would have to make a whole new flight model to solve this one problem - that’ll never happen…


Believe it or not, 3 months ago I literally knew nothing about modding, whether it be MSFS SDK or programming. That’s why there is still a lot that I can’t do. However, I believe that within a few weeks I will be able to create on the switches and at that time I will be able to create new features such as setting up the plane for “ready to flight”.
Meanwhile, if the oil is cold, if you pull the “oil bypass” handles, it will heat up to 40º in seconds. Just don’t forget to close them once the oil reaches the correct temperature.


There are 6 aspects that I believe interfere with bouncing behaviour here in msfs and I adressed 4 of them.
-Landing gear configuration, especially the suspension.
-Flight model; relation between alfa and lift
-Flight model; weight configuration
-ground effect.
-Relation between handling and user imputs (usually the curves you put in your control configurations)
-Quality of Peripherals

For this mod I tried to use real values as close as I could. Of course a lot was guessing, but the more knowledged your are about a plane and about aircraft behaviours, the better guesses you can make.
I also adjusted the way the plane reacts to user imputs. This was one of my main goals for this mod. Speaking generally, aircraft in simulators are often too sensitive compared to real-life aircraft. Curves can mitigate this but they are way too limited.


Thanks for the advice, I will try again soon.

I do actually have POHs and some other info for this plane, but I’m just a sim enthusiast with many planes and little time :smile: I haven’t memorised anything.

3 months ago I literally knew nothing about modding

D a mn!!! Guess noone can talk themselfs out of modding anymore…

First of all Thank You for your service contributing with such an extensive mod to such an legendary and cool (my favorite) plane. Especially since the files are encrypted it’s even more astounishing that we got this mod from you.
I was assuming it’s nearly impossible to mod the enrypted aircraft and I thought we were stuck with an 6-month or longer update cycle full of unimportant fixes and newly introduced bugs. The Duckworks mod was the reason why i switched to the DC-3 (which is often compared to the Beech 18 and vice versa), but now I have a reason to switch back on the Twin Beech.


@JayDee6281 Schon angeschaut? Wäre das was für ein neues Video?

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Flew her last night and it was great thanks. Nice to actually have to monitor temps now. Loved the wobbly MP gauges when first spooling up the engine! It would be cool if more gauges had a little wobble. I feel like these older aircraft benefit from a visual sense of vibration.

Keep up the good work!

REQUEST! Could you get the directional gyro to light up at night with the instrument lights? Surely IRL it does.


Thanks so much for this. I find it really amazing more developers don’t go into the detail you’ve certainly gone to here.

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Guys, thanks for your kind words.

First post updated with relevant information for people using 3rd party software to config throttle axis like and in the end some more information about oil shutters and oil bypass.


Took her for a spin - very very nice! You did an excellent job with this mod. The Twin Beech is a fav of mine and now on par with the best in the sim IMHO.


This is a great mod, thank you for your work! Is there any way to get this to work with third party repaints? I have a couple and if I try to fly with any of them I just have the interior cabin for the external view, and 2 pilots visible inside the VC.

It sounds like their panel.cfg’s are incorrectly written. Which repaints are they?

I was (after translating) exactly the same :grin:

I gave this a try and it is really great. Thank you again. I love having to pay attention to the oil temperatures and pressures, and the handling feels good.

I hope it might some day be possible to work on the atrocious autopilot that comes in this plane. It sort of works but feels half finished.

From my own experience, the Air America paint on .to has the interior only issue. Other third party repaints I have for it are ok, and also the stock all white livery included with the plane has the interior only issue.

This mod takes a good model and turns it into a great model. Just a brilliant piece of work. Many thanks.

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I wonder if this mod will ever land on Xbox because landing this kangaroo Beech is annoying

Currently free community mods and add-ons are not allowed on the marketplace, so until that changes then don’t count on it, I’m afraid.