Detach ground services from ATC system

Ground services should be a separate menu item and it should not be through ATC in my opinion. It would be better to drop the voice request altogether. It is slow and ruins the flow. And it is unrealistic that they are talking on the main ground frequency about this.

I agree completely. I also notice that while on Vatsim or any client like that, if you go to request any of the ground services it switches the comm radio in Vpilot. I went to disconnect jetway and then tried calling ground for 5 minutes before I realized it had switched Comms. Also just unrealistic that they speak commands.


I like it in ATC window as I have the ATC window on a 2nd monitor. I think they need to fix the current issues with it and keep it as is. I do not want another window taking space in addition to ATC.

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the ground services take a while to happen as you have to wait for the ATC to stop talking. You can disable ATC talk but then you are disabling whole ATC

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It should be an entirely separate interface to the ATC one.


Kind of fixed here:

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Check out the FS2Crew website, the latest version of FS2Crew: Pushback Express allows voice commands with the ground!

Can we remove the unrealistic responsibility for pushback from ATC and either allocate a pushback intercom connection directly with the pushback team or some other non-ATC device. Pushback becomes impossible at a busy airfield when you are unable to stop or change pushback parameters due to ATC instructions to other aircraft. Eventually it would be nice to have a system which permits pushback on to a taxiway centreline facing East/West etc. That will require additional work probably.

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my pushback feature just decides to begin on its own merits… no matter where I may be in my preps… APU still connected… and still loading the MCDU up and the request goes out… its a pisser and I’d like a fix

That is because you have the copilot function managing the ATC. Just turn it off and it will not do that

The part that bugs me about having to do everything through atc especially when you have the AI handle comms. If you dont switch off the setting for the AI handle comms setting it just instantly goes from requesting the ifr clearance to immediatly requesting push back. So if your doing things by the book so to speak you have ADIRS or realistic and setting up the FMC so requesting push back straight after clearance the INS wont be right as it takes 7 minutes to align but you have to be STAIONARY the entire time for the nav system to set itself so the plane knows where it is which is just stupid. Having to ask ATC to do ANYTHING on the ground is stupid and unrealistic and in my opinion takes some of the enjoyment out of trying to fly realistic flights as they would be in a real aircraft.

Thats what i do all the time but we shouldnt have to keep switching settings off to be able to keep things realistic. The ATC has nothing to do with pushback on jetways etc it would just be nice to be able to be able to fly with total realism but thats just me

For the time being I deleted the pushback calls in my mod, it only requests pushback from ground, the rest happens silently. But agree I don’t get how they could ever come up with this in the first place. Did Asobo really thought this was realistic and useable?

The reason they did it like this is because it was 1 easier and 2 too expensive and time consuming for them

Would be easier and cheaper to leave it out completely, just SHIFT + P like in FS9/X, would have been more useful also…

The shift p is in this sim

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That is true actually :sweat_smile:. Then there still is the stairs, jetways etc…

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They automatically detach and move even when using shift p

I get that, I meant all the other services are still requested via ground / tower frequency which is hideous…

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Oh ok mate sorry totally agree with you none of it should go through atc