DHC 2 Beaver Freeware

Oh my… George Takei.

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“It’s Alive” ! Remind’s me that we’re Treating ourselves to a viewing of ‘Young Fronkensteen’ this Christmas.
Ahem ! ,… No such distraction’s for you Sir Leprechaun as you must stay Nose to the Grindstone making your Beaver Fans happy. Kind Regard’s.

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Didnt you get the memo. Christmas died of covid :weary:
For me anyway it doesnt feel like xmas at all. But hey, dont care, ive got a Beaver :smiley:

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Happy Christmas !!!,…
…and you will most certainly give all your fellow ‘Would Be’ Retopologist’s a Happy new Year.

This will be AWESOME!!!


wow! Thats sweet! RESPECT and thanks in advance!

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Just a quick heads up, development is still going, but on hold while i have a little payware side venture. Then i’ll go back at it :slight_smile:


Ummm, that’s an amphibian… Did you realize you put wheels on it :thinking:


:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


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You realise that most amphibious aircraft have gears on them still, right?

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(I was making a joke. When he started, he said floats only :smirk:
I’m very happy to see amphibious added to the mix.
Guess it didn’t come across quite right)

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Can’t wait for this to be out. It’s my favourite aircraft. So looking forward to it and the sounds as the engine runs up

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Sorry mate, Autism and Sarcasm don’t go well. My bad.


t’aint your fault… We’re all eventually going to blow ourselves up over a misconstrued text :wink:
Not exactly the best way for anyone to communicate. And if you missed my first text, well, yeah, the humor would go right over anyone’s head :slight_smile:


Hey man, I’ll give it to you. I chuckled a bit.


I am glad I found this. It is one of my top 3 favorite planes ever!!! Cannot wait to try it.

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So,… You will need a PayPal account after all,…Mmmm !

Yeah. @LeprechaunLive please start a paypal account. It is always a good encouragement to receive donations for your hard work from people who want to support you.

Guys, for this version of the plane, i am NOT going to take any money, even donations. Just donate to a charity of your choice if you really want to :slight_smile: but thanks a lot for the support, and for your patienec, you wont be disapointed, i promise :slight_smile: