Disable serial number from appearing


Not sure where to post this (but someone pointed me towards the SDK forums)

I’ve been creating my own TBM skin, but cant seem to find out how I can disable the default serial number from appearing on the plane (pretty sure its a aircraft.cfg setting) anyone know?, still want to enter a serial number in game for ATC usage, just not have it appear on the plane.

Current settings for the serial number:

atc_id = “” ; tail number
atc_id_enable = 0 ; enable tail number

Number still appears on the plane.

Atc_id_enable doesn’t seem to work for me either.

You can use atc_id = “.” which will remove the registration number and replace it with a dot.
(Tried empty (space) but didn’t work)

… the quote I see here “xyx” are different from your quotes in Rich text format …

In the file they are correct, most likely this is because i copy/pasted it a couple times to and from different sites looking for help.

It’s a no-brainer … The tail number displayed on the exterior of the aircraft. This parameter can also be edited from the Select Vehicle dialog (if the atc_id_enable parameter is set to 1). Note that custom tail numbers burned into textures will not be modified by this.