After almost 2 years of MSFS release there was no progress/improvements for many players (I speak for myself) many bugs, they changed the game engine all that pre-launch beauty is gone…
The game doesn’t flow there are many stutters even with high performance pc and we are forced to keep the game after we pay… (they don’t refund the money)…
Each update a different disaster…
Until when will they pretend they are fixing the game when in fact there are no significant improvements? Heavy clouds that drop the FPS, on zoom the terrain seems to be worse than MSFS 2000… These are questions I ask myself every time I try to fly in sim…


I can find plenty of nice relaxing places to fly that don’t cause the MainThread to be hammered.


Hello. The simulator is a complicated piece of software. Of that there is no doubt. And it is surprising that similar PCs obtain such dissimilar results.
In my case I try to open my mind and put aside pre-established paradigms.
This thread is a good place to start. Following his advice, I achieved a very satisfactory flight experience.


Too many tanks… I’ll check it!!!

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This is just not even close to my experience of the sim, which for me, continues to improve.


This is my biggest question. We’ve all read “my experience is awful” and the next guy says “I’m running fine”. Once again, this is where a log file would come in handy. Let us know how the game is loading and where the bottlenecks may be occurring so we can tweak the settings - or publish the log file to ask people on the forum to interpret the numbers for help. “That other” sim has it, so why can’t this one?

The thread I referenced explains just how to use developer mode to load balance between CPU and GPU. That balance results in a seamless and enjoyable experience.
You should try it.


Sadly a log file won’t demonstrate things like unrealistic expectations. I came from X-Plane, so from a graphical standpoint at least when I started to watch those earlier videos from late 2020 showing actual grass moving about I was sold.

In other aspects the sim is improving from release to release. One by one the usual complaints about what MSFS can’t do are being chipped away at. The flight model, in some aspects, is still a target for other sim users, but we are getting there.

A log file that would illustrate exactly why the sim crashed, for example, would be a huge boon for many users, and till I got a handle on what was causing my issues, was one of the things I missed about XP.


Go off the beat and track and you are right… different ball game and so much to see.

Similar specs but have they got same mods and Addons. Same settings? So many variables even in the “same spec” pc


Of course. The variables are many. Hence the complexity of the configuration. But balancing the load between CPU and GPU is the basis of everything in my opinion.


And it’s as simple for me to do my GPU/CPU balance in Dev mode just sitting in my FBW A320 stationary at KLAX.


And, unfortunately, there are even so many aspects that could lie outside the sim that can affect the performance as well, in both software (OS and other programs), and hardware setup differences that could be so hard to find, combined with unknown differences within the sim (corrupt cache, perhaps different cache location, and on and on) it makes debugging one system against another very difficult.


Yknow i looked up some old megathreads for issues a lot of people had but the thread is effectively dead because the issue was fixed. No big parade, no banner at the top of the thread. This isnt for 100% of threads of looking back there have been a number of gamebreaking bugs since the release and the regression known as SU5 that have been fixed or otherwise improved upon.

It’s a bit naive to say there has been “no progress.” There definitely is progress. But either the work is slow because X, Y, Z reasons or the powers that be at Asobo have decided on other priorities within the sim. The wishlist is our only lifeline into these priorities and i get it’s frustrating to not see your favorite item move up or show an ETA.

Devs these days are reluctant to give out timelines because things change and fans have gotten into a have of getting really salty when a roadmap hasn’t been adhered to to the letter. And I don’t blame Asobo for slackin on keeping the wishlist 100% accurate every week because then you’ll start seeing “why hasn’t x feature been released yet, the roadmap/wishlist said so”


That is the issue that many PC are different from each other ranging down to the silicon that many do not simply understand. There can be multiple problems that cause issues such as a add on causing memory leaks to the certain hardware an individual has. Their hardware can have errors that cause slowdowns when putting a load on it but can seem perfectly fine when they are browsing or playing other games. The hardware problems can stem from so many locations such as a PSU not delievering the appropriate power to tackle on the additional performance coming in, to the CPU bottlenecking due to a imperfection in the manufacturing, even a busted controller on a GPU that can cause it to have issues.

Some need to understand that it is not on all Asobo and while yes, there improvements are not always massive in just one patch, they are trying their best to fix performance for thousands of different hardware combinations out there on a really complex piece of software that is nothing like a regular game that you would play such as lets say Call of Duty or a Assasins Creed.


I see what you mean and I don’t disagree. I’m not implying that a log file would be the solution to all our problems, but it could help resolve some of them and lead us in the right direction. After some experience, many of the cracker jacks on this forum could read these files and learn to decipher them and could possibly resolve some CTD or performance issues. For example, if someone replied “I’m not loading any mods” it would be pretty easy to determine if that was true. Also, if there was an error during the loading process resulting in a CTD, perhaps that fault could be logged.

Although it would be a bonus for Asobo to provide assistance on problems based on the file contents, I was advocating more of a community solution. All I’ve been asking Asobo for is to create the file for us, which has been done for XPlane many years now. Their log file has been instrumental in assisting end-users determine where their problems lie.

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What that translates to in some cases is “My particular issue has not been resolved yet.”

There are many little niggles that bother me, quality of life stuff really, that I’d gladly see fixed ASAP, but in reality they probably won’t be for some time as they aren’t that important.

But tying up those low hanging fruit would make for a more polished product overall.

An example. On the map screen, when you want to search for an airport you click on the box at the top of the screen, but you then need to click on the box immediately below that to actually enter text. If the top box was clicked, just activate the box below ready for input.

Trivial, but irksome.



Same here.

Like so many things these days the Sim looks good but when you scratch just below the surface it doesn’t really do what it should very well.

I fly VFR low and slow so I do’n actually need everything to work but I still come across plenty of bugs or dysfunctional parts of the sim. Simple GPS functions not working , world map unreliable, ATC and traffic screwed up, stutters, settings not saved, clunky menus, bush trips blah blah.

I’m still persevering but for how much longer.

I acknowledge that MS Asobo have done a brilliant job of squirting this virtual world onto our PC’s or consoles and the globe now looks very good…but as for the rest of it? A pile of minor and not so minor niggles



I think the key is to do the balancing on the ground at a “heavy” airport and with a “heavy” aircraft.

In other words, do the load-balancing under worst case conditions, even if you do not intend on flying at locations (or with aircraft) that you use during the load balancing process.


I see another issue not related directly to MSFS2020, but that affects different users in a different way, even if they have very similar hardware setup: the number of application we are running on the PC together with MSFS. In my case for IFR flights I typically run Navdata, Chrome with several windows (SimBrief, weather metar, Volanta, etc), Vatsim Pilot, and some other app (A320 calculator….). Those too add load to main thread, thus affecting performance and add stuttering