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I did some more benchmarking and took a harder look at the CPU and GPU loads and temps. Pre-SU3, CPU load was around 30% and GPU 60%. That got me 35-40 fps on my benchmark flight at Ultra.

Post SU-3 I got 20% CPU load with most of the load on one core and GPU at 35%. CPU temp at 85 and GPU at 65. and its 30% CPU and 90% GPU load. fps is 25-30 with CPU temp at 85 and GPU at 75.

i9-10900k, 2080 Super, 64Gb RAM, 1Gb line to the outside world (800Mb up and down tested). Benchmark flight is Beverly Regional to Hanscomb Field in a 172 (no G1000) at 2000 ft clear day. Settings on straight Ultra. I let the AI fly it for consistency. All other programs cleared out and only one monitor. The flying is much smoother with almost no stutters.

My conclusion is the very much broke something in SU3/WU3. They have fixed something in But something is still off post patch.

I’ll point out that there have been two Win10 updates and one nVidia update since the SU3 patch.

I got zero improvement. Already checked in app settings that I have version installed. Weird. Still very high main thread load. Any clues anyone?

Thank you soooo sooo much Asobo!!
Just did a test flight out of KSFO to KHAF.
Before the patch I got like 40fps on the runway of san Francisco and like 15fps once airborn.
Now with the patch I’m flying again with a consistent framerate between 50-60 fps.
This is so much more enjoyable!!

Keep up the good work!!!
Enjoy your weekend



Same thing here. But no improvement at all rather than worsening. 20fps in Reno with the CRJ like before.

I see most people bringing up stutter talk. For me, the biggest issue (still) is the huge fps loss in most places.

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I’ve discovered something interesting regarding the ATC window - check out my thread here: ATC window causes severe loss in FPS after updating to

Big improvements for me. 3700X + 3080 FE (undervolted 1850 MHz @ 850mV). Went from stuttering due to CPU limitation (main thread pegged) to still CPU limited but at 45-60 fps at 1440p 130 render scaling without stutters in most areas.

The one thing that still needs major work is optimization for heavy areas like London and LAX, although for some areas it is already better. That might have to wait till DX12 though

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Yeah, something like that. I can totally see that happening.

So… 6 flights, 4 CTDs. Performance may be better, but it would appear stability is down the tubes. Such a shame, really. They actually did a decent job restoring the lost performance and stuttering (for most people - sorry to you guys it didn’t help). It’s too bad they also included some instability.

Hmmm, that’s a bit weird. I haven’t had a CTD since this update (since SU3 I had 2) although I’ve only done a few flights.

So hard to debug these issues haha, so many factors at play

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I haven’t had a single issue with CTD’s after going back to a previous driver version. For AMD the october 2020 driver (20.10.1) seems to be the sweet spot (for non-6000 series GPUS), for NVidia 457.30 (for non-3000 series GPU’s) seems to be the sweet spot.

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I’ll check that out tomorrow and see if it helps.

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Strange. No issues with stability here - tried a number areas around the world. Also have the Global AI ship traffic mod re-enabled and so far so good (fingers crossed).


Gordon - based on your shots the cloud layers may be one of the culprits as well (certain cloud / fog types appear to hammer the GPU when flown through, especially when set at ultra).

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It’s so weird how different the experience can be for different people. Since its release back in Aug 2020, I have had exactly one CTD ever, and I fly every day. The one CTD I had was last summer in the midst of a heat wave when I somehow forgot to turn on the air conditioning in the house and the computer overheated…

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Like I always say - the most consistent thing about MSFS is the inconsistency of the experience from user to user.


no any change effect

There’s too many variables for the devs to account for. So many different things are at play here from individual systems and networks to small bugs that have different impacts at different times

What’s your CPU utilization look like with the 3080? I’m considering a 5600X to replace the 3600X in my system, but running a 5700XT, so I doubt I’ll see any fps improvement at all

Mid flight in the FBW (latest Dev) A320 and the new update is running (dare I say it) great!

Nothing odd, actually seems like more activity in the sky, and smooth frames. Only getting 30-35 FPS but that’s plenty for a sim (for me anyway), not the wild 15-60FPS roller coaster before that was making me queasy. Now with a solid 32/33 FPS and no stutter the realism seems so much better. Getting up to cruising alt and FPS jumped to 42-47, but again solid not all over the place. I’ll take it, anything over 30+ FPS is good with me just could not take the stutter.

Setup: FBW A320, Rex Weather, i7 8 core 4.6GHz, 32GB, night flight.

PS I felt the need to post, as I have been quite critical in the past.