Discussion + Poll: Sim Update 10 (

After the update Im having more sutters than before :sob:. I cant use the new DLSS feature because I have an AMD graphic card.


They mentioned incorporating new wind gust data into live weather. That’ll probably do it.

On the plus side MSFS now loads much quicker, even with a full Community folder.

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Lesson learned. Posting so maybe I can save 1 person from making the same mistake I made.

Decided to fire up my windows PC and download SU10 today. My PC has been off for a while. I launched the Xbox app and it said there was an update for the flight simulator. I started the update. When the update was about 33% complete, the download errored out and the Xbox app restarted. There was no way to resume the download. If I clicked the X to cancel the download so I could start over, I was being told that canceling the download would uninstall the game.

What a terrible design! Anyway, eventually I agreed to let it uninstall. Then when I went to reinstall the game, I had another error. After googling the error number, the solution was to reinstall gaming services. So I had to figure that out.

Once I did that, I started the download again. Then the download errored again.

Then I had a thought to check windows updates since the computer had been off for a while. There were several. Once my computer was updated, I started again. This time, same thing, the download froze. At this point I am ready to pull my hair out.

I closed the Xbox app and reopened it. There was a green button next to flight simulator that said Play!

Ok, I clicked the play button and the game launched. It loaded up to the installation manager screen and now it appears to be updating normally. It’s downloading 123Gb.

What a pain this is. The moral of the story is to make sure the Xbox app is updated, and probably a good idea to install the latest windows updates before you try to update the flight simulator.

Wind gusts are COMPLETELY OVEREXAGERATED! My GOD! Just landed with a METAR reporting winds 140 @ 2 knots.

Winds in the sim upon landing: 140 @ 12, gusting to nearly 30 knots, LOL!


Yes, but the disabled Memory Optimisation has nothing to do with the driver. Asobo are the ones who disabled it, so they are the ones who have to re-enable it again. Now we have a driver which fixed DX12 issues, but still without the necessary optimisations which are essential for its potential.

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Yup… they broke the weather again.

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Sounds like live weather is still useless

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Clouds are better, wind gusts are so completely overdone it’s rediculous.


The best download ever and a great result in sim could not be better for me. Thanks to Asobo and Beta testers.

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Found that the stutters related to the Headwind A330-900 NEO. No stutters with the default Asobo A320.

Also I am getting virtually no performance improvement with DLSS in Performance, Balanced or Quality settings. Just a couple of FPS better with DLSS on, and a drop in quality at low altitude over water.

too good for talking about. and that’s not a sarcasm. :+1:

Well! It was seamless since we didn’t have to do anything :wink:

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For me this is the best update for both performance and graphics improvements with DLSS. My DLSS Performance post Did not change my NVIDIA driver… I’m not sure why MSFS is performing like this when others are having issues.

And no CTDs so far!


Here’s a new thing I noticed. For some reason LAX now has a road running across the runways. Anyone else see this or did something get weird with my world settings? The only world mods I’m running are We Love VFR and the power lines mod

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Yup I have this same issue with cars crossing the runway. Makes for a nice game of chicken on takeoff.

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Good we have wind gusts again :grinning: But totally unrealistic :roll_eyes: Why is it so difficult to make them realistic??? I mean why is there a gust almost every 1-2 seconds? Whyyyy???


probably because you flight in some turbulence zones. i flew just couple a minutes ago from paro to kathmandu. everything smooth except couple a bump in valley+clouds

All - On the road, so have not downloaded the SU-10 update. I just finished reading the release notes. IMHO, Asobo, fixed and improved some things and I am impressed with what is done. Good Job Folks. I will report later once able when can download and use Sim.

I think once we get the updated Nvidia driver AND the latest openxr Toolkit by Mbuchia, things are going to look REAL good in VR, especially for me, running a four-year-old CPU (i9-9900k) with a 3090.