Discussion + Poll: Sim Update V (

@Jummivana , @OlieTsubasa443
Wow people you (we) did it!!! We’ve seen some turbulence on our way, but look at the result!!!
The simming community will, what, double, triple? Who dares to guess?
So proud of you, of Asobo, Microsoft and everyone else who contributed to this spectacular release!!!


The installation manager runs with like 700fps here. I really don’t know if that is a good idea to not limit the FPS on that.


Where is full patch notes? Aircraft changes, etc


Downloading now (Amsterdam timel)
Will be ready in a week, see you till then….


All the release notes here!!

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I uninstalled the previous version completely, including any add ons. Downloaded any pending Windows updates and then downloaded a fresh copy from the Microsoft Store successfully. Upon launching the game for the first time, it loads a black screen with spinning gear on bottom right and then it immediately crashes to desktop. Have already restarted the PC and issue persist.

For now I have uninstalled the simulator and will wait for an update to hopefully come out soon.


The dedicated SSD I use for MSFS needs an additional ~40GB to install the update. Guess I’ll need to manually delete addons downloaded through the marketplace to continue? Community folder is already empty.

Where are the Detailed Patch notes?

Downloading. FYI: I have the Deluxe version but my download is 40.29 instead of 43.87. Will see what happens after it loads.

See above, guess that’s what we’ll have for now. Sometimes @Jummivana will post more detailed releasenotes later.

These are release notes, where are the detailed patch notes? Like changed this thing to this etc.


See above :slight_smile:

Yes, but where is the more detailed list?


I’m glad they changed the in game patch download screen from ‘set your experience’ to ‘installation manager’. That always irrationally (and only mildly) annoyed me lol.


Isn’t this formulated clearly enough? :wink:

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So this update is a succes for you already then? :smiley:

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Great success :+1:


It is 17:30 now and i still dont have updates. i am running version I checked on Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass. I opened up the game and after it says checking for updates it goes into the game. Doesnt find any new updates

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Hello GhostlyFrend,

There is no detailed Release notes this time. I understandi what you meant. The team focused on optimizing the sim the past couple of months. The list of each changes would have take days/weeks to gather.

Be sure that future updated will have detailed Release notes!