Discussion + Poll: Sim Update VII (January Build

I can no longer use the sim. It simply doesn’t load, even with the community folder empty.
Now tried reinstalling but continues to freeze and CTD at 67%. Nothing else has changed apart from these dam updates since I last used it and it ran perfect fine

More than happy with the update, download happened without any hiccups.

The VR fixes are great and the blurry resolution plus Ctrl+0 is also fixed!

Thanks Microsobo

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The Assistance Settings won’t save for me in this version, they default to Easy every time I start the sim. Weird as the public beta in December fixed that bug, and now it’s back. Argh.

Yesterday, after 2 hours of flying on the A320 Standard Edition on autopilot, MFS just frozen and didn`t react to anything, only ALT+F4 helped.
The same thing happened today.

This has never happened before SU7.

Broke the throttles in some planes… It’s frustrating…

There is a known problem, with solution:

Hope this helps!

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In principle I agree but I think it would make another avenue to find something to find fault with.

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My game hangs in an installation loop.

it is downloading all the fs-base-0.1.206.fspatch.001 etc. files.
But when finished, he is deleting all of them and starts downlaoding again.

I did a clean reinstall last month…

I would like to express a lot of criticism, but it does not help us, so I only ask for help on how to complete the installation.

There are 2 possible solutions:

  1. Go to Add/Remove programs. Find FlightSimulator. Click Advanced Options, then Reset. It warns you that it will delete all app’s data but all your settings will be retained.

  2. Look in the installation folder if there are files left. Delete those manually.

Good luck!

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Hey guy’s,

Reproduced following ctd for 4th time now on Xbox:

Route settings on world map: vor flight EDDP (Leipzig) via EDDC (Dresden) to LKPR (Prague)
Weather & time live.
All player’s.
Flying with the Junkers 52 retrofit.

As soon I’m approaching Dresden about 10nm away and requesting landing permission my sim crashes to Dashboard.

The airport Dresden is the vanilla version…so no add on except the plane (ju-52).

Funny fact, I did test it with just go airborne with the Junkers about the same distance to EDDC, but without any route setted up at the world map, and everything worked as intended… so i was able to get permission and land without CTD.
A day later I did the 4th attempt as mentioned above and got the ctd again…

Can’t really explain my self why this ctd happens, but it’s reproducable for sure.

Any one got an idea what could cause the ctd?


Some CTD’s based on location have been autogen based, and lowering the autogen quality was a workaround. Low or Medium worked for one of the areas we looked at before.

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I never thought of this but yes, remnants of any outside mods that installed or part installed in official will then show up. PC users would never just delete a program that came with an installer yet there are some that think simply renaming or emptying their community folder makes their sim vanilla. Also marketplace purchases are also 3rd party and not integral to the core sim and although issues should get catalogued as soon as they arise they don’t always. This is one area I feel could be improved without too much difficulty.

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I’m not sure if I missed something within these nearly 500 posts or under VR topics, but I can no longer get VR to work in DX12 without a CTD when switching from 2D. Tried time and again with empty community folder and all settings reset to default. It was working before the update, regardless of settings or content. Anyone else?

Whatever Asobo has done w/ latest patch, KEEP IT UP… performance has been great, not a single CTD. 4k HDR goodness (altho HDR still needs calibrating)


What is the “installation folder” to delete left files from manually ??

I never really thought (only hoped) I would say this but since Sim Update 7 I have had no CTD at all, on Xbox. I turned Live Weather on and now seemingly can fly with any plane, anywhere, without CTD. I do hope it stays this way! Live Weather in general also looks much better than before, no more clouds on the ground, fog looks real. The whole experience for me has been glorious since the update, and now I only hope this will be the case going forward, for the majority of people. The sim is definitely on the right track now.

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Extremely disappointed with this update. It has ruined the live weather completely, no need to expand on that here. Well documented in the weather section.


One thing new: flickering of the background in the main menu and even when I strated a flight at EHAM with the default KLM 78X.

The other old thing not fixed: Drone view slow rotation during a flight.

This could be insanely far from the truth, I could sound totally cray right now, but I’ve only noticed that issue after a long flight. Is it possible that the effect comes from the curvature of the earth? XD
I know it sounds crazy but the earth curves more than you think. I think it’s 8 inches lower per mile!

I agree, I have the same issue now as well.