Discussion + Poll: Sim Update VIII (

Restarting the PC helps.

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After Beta ended, it’s last fixes applied since SU7, after they received Beta testers reports

3 minutes to download and install the last updates from Content Manager. 16 minutes from start to finish to completely upgrade ~8GB and have the sim up and running.


Was anything changed from the latest BETA build?

Huge change list I think :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Several versions have been released during the BETA, the one is the final release candidate.


Not sure this is referring to Live Weather, but we know from the SU8 beta, and there are literally 100s of posts about it and votes that gusts are absolutely non-existent in Live Weather.

  • Fixed hangar flickering in some occasions

Most anticipated

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Do we need to leave the Beta before updating to SU8?

That did the trick

How do you configure Tobii?

Is DX12 working better now?

Unfortunately, I’m not one of the lucky ones where this release could potentially fix the FPS loss when panels are popped out. 67FPS on the ground, pop a panel, 36FPS.

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Yes, all instructions were given here Instructions for Beta Transition

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Yes and it was announced when we opted in. In this case there will be a re install

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Thanks! I wasn’t able to find that. Thank you for sharing. Sucks getting OLD!!!

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I opted out beta before I launched the game and I didn’t get any update neither on steam nor in game. Should this be the case ? My current version is

My download speeds for this patch are very good. Sim Update 8 has finished installing already. Now I have 14.32GB worth of updates in Content Manager to install.


It’s REALLY not helpful when the Insider app doesn’t show the MSFS beta any more so you can’t leave it.

No DX12 addition in the SU8
only this :

  • Fixed framerate drops on DirectX 11 when the player have multiple external windows
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