Discussion + Poll: World Update X: United States and US Territories (

Eastern Oregon and Idaho do not look like they have improved at all with WUX. The terrain resolution along the Snake River canyon near Twin Falls for instance seems pretty low-res to me:

My biggest issue with the WU X is that the trees have grown even larger. Before WU X, I could see houses I knew - now they are all covered in trees.

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Is there a complete list of airports added/update in World Update 10? Not just hand-crafted ones, I mean all airports. I think I see some new ones I hadn’t seen before, but I’d like to know for sure.

That doesnt mean its been implemented in the sim at 1M.

Yes, there is a list. Please check in News and Updates section.

They claimed about the US at least.

That video doesn’t tell us much. With MSFS’ LOD system you have to be pretty close to the ground to see the higher detail, and even then there seems to be some smoothing. It’s definitely been updated, at least in some parts of the USA. My home area changed pretty significantly for the better in terms of both imagery and DEM.

That lists the handcrafted airports only? (There might not be any others, but nobody knows for sure. :D)

As I said, I am looking for a complete list, not just hand-crafted.

Would have been nice for the Dev team to consult with someone on how to actually pronounce the cities.

“You are now leaving St. Louie airspace”…

I just cringe every time I hear it

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Crater Lake, Oregon, has the same lighting problem from an earlier impression as Mt. Hood. The Wizard Island’s side in shade has shadows from a light that’s not falling there. Also, the detail of most of this structure is totally wrong.

Apparently that’s where Obsidian Ant picked up that pronunciation for his video! :grinning: :thinking: :grinning: :thinking:

Not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve noticed a distinct degradation in graphics quality post WUX. This is not the USA WUX itself, but general scenery rendering globally post WUX. Everything looks a little more “cartoonish and gamey” and much less realistic post WUX. This is very disappointing. The PG looks substantially more “melted” and less detailed, and trees fade and look cartoonish and gamey at ground on nearby mountains. It is very noticeable to me.

Despite the reduction in graphics quality, performance has not improved at all. I made sure settings were kept the same.

Positive note - updates went smoothly, except for the very minor Nordic update restart, and no CTD yet.

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I cringe when I see ATC spelling Gloucester like this “Gloster”

There were no code changes in WU10 that should have impacted graphics quality. Have you checked your settings and confirmed they didn’t get set back to the default instead of Ultra or whatever you had them set to before? I’ve sometimes had to restore my previous settings after an update.

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It doesn’t help that there is the Gloster company of Meteor fame

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Major texture issues in Washington DC. The National Mall and WH lawn are white where they should be green, even in the height of summer. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Please advise.

No problems here:

Thanks for your response. Something is definitely Borked with my sim. I’m suspecting a missing texture or a conflict. If I start in “Safe” mode, the textures are green and correct. I’ve diusabled/deleted 3d party add ons for this area but no luck.