Discussion + Poll: World Update X: United States and US Territories (

Can’t download Wu 10 and other updates on Xbox.
Content manager gives me like 1mbit/s… Breaks down to zero and resets the download attempt…
Got internet connection of 200mbit/s…

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Just now receiving the update, Eastern USA, 2:49 PM via MS Store.

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same here.

It might be something with the servers but all my downloads from within content manager on series x just won’t start and that’s the main WU and the 11 extra updates

Wonder what this does to my DC scenery too, and even my IAD had Udvar Hazy, do I loose IAD because of that POI? Would think I should uninstall and re-install on top of the WU once installed.

That’s really unexpected good news. Thanks Asobo!

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That is good news! Though it probably means compatibility updates will be required for some third-party airports and scenery that are now slightly off. :smiley:

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where did you see updated elevation? (and all of the other updates for today?)
i google’d but mcrsft didn’t want to show me

Ever hard of? (sorry needed something stupid to type to get more than 10 chars)

Here you go


thanks! have a good one

With a a bit of patience:
[RELEASE] ( World Update X: United States and US Territories Now Available! - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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I was hoping that when Asobo did another US update, they would include 4 corners monument. Looks like ill have to do it.


Same here on Xbox series x

Thank you for this free update. You rock.

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it is new york city photogrametry updated?

That’s quite true, they have talked about it quite often in the Dev Q&As that they want to revisit London (as soon as they get improved source data?)


It doesn’t mention it specifically, even though the big promo shot at the Statue of Liberty. I’m betting on NYC, I am Legend version still.

Loving it! All the people defending the introduction of the Halo Pelican 24 hours ago, now kicking off because their free World Update is the States (again). Well if you don’t like it don’t fly there, simple.


Downtown seattle looks great!