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Hello Markocheat,
I find it impossible if a program has been bought expensive and does not work. Up to the last update everything worked perfectly. Sometimes errors occur, then you uninstall (what I did) and reinstall. With MSFS2020 you can’t even reinstall this, if the Microsoft Store platform prevents reinstallation. It’s like buying a car and can’t drife it. I expect and wish from this official MSFS2020 community that there will certainly be people here who can not only offer solutions within a playable simulator, which I cannot praise enough, but for problems that affect the simulator in direct connection to the Microsoft Store platform, cannot help (until now, maybe it will come soon). Otherwise I no longer know how to get back to a playable simulator. With all the options available to me, I go around in circles. And it’s not up to my pc system. I hope they can help you with your problem too, i’ll keep my fingers cross to you (it’s a German saying)

Hallo Markocheat
I hope they can help you with your problem too, i’ll keep my fingers cross to you (it’s a German saying)

It’s italiand saying too! :slight_smile:

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Yeah I do think it’s technically possible but it must be pretty complicated because every bridge is different. Building an algorithm like that will probably take a few months. They will definitely get around to it eventually but at this time there is more important features and issues the need to address first. The bridges really only bother me from very closeup anyway so it’s bearable for me.


And yet this is the first version of the game / simulator to have this problem. It cant be that hard to do seeing thats its been done already in earlier versions of the game. All in All its unacceptable IMHO

Yes. Is bad… but the first one is a geat picture! Check this if you want that ms team fix the wather…

I can’t download all the USA updates from marketplace it says package failed

Im doing the tour World Update II: USA And flying over new york everything is seen in polygons, from 12.000 FT

Check the Route of New York to Philadelphia, following the rivers

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Definitely you should not criticize too much here because your messages will be quickly deleted!
it must be said that good things!

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I’ll go test that out. Could you give me some coordinates to line up with one of those pictures?

I’ll bet it’s some sort of server issue or something, they wouldn’t remove the water masks I dont think

I’m having the same problem.

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I’m now pretty sure this must be an issue on their side. Servers probably.

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I have done a fresh re-install and everything looks great in many places. I see houses in my neighbourhood as they really are. But I find myself wishing that there would be even MORE detail, like backyard sheds and sidewalks and bushes. Is there no end to my dissatisfaction!!! LOL


I found the approximate location and I think I can confirm your results. Maybe they pulled it to do something and will re-release it along with other water mask locations in a few days (the water update they mentioned in the dev stream)?

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This might help

Error message “Package failed” when trying to download and install packages

Hey everyone,

There were reports of Crash to Desktop when returning to the Main Menu after the USA update. One cause was if you had the instrument flight training mission pack, FS Academy - IFR installed.

This has been fixed with version 1.2 and has been given to the stores for them to update, available imminently!

Happy landings!
FS Academy

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With the new update, DA20 has a bug in the CG limit section.

CG is way forward than it should be even if you do the loading very carefully.

Does anyone know how to fix it? Or should we wait for the next update?

It’s more about how you write it, rather than what you write. Constructive criticism being preferred.

If I said the avionics across multiple aircrafts are inadequate, and need a lot of work, that will likely not get removed.

If I instead started casting aspersions about the developers, arguing with moderators, writing abusive things about posters who disagreed with me, those almost certainly would.


See this is not working for me. There is no package at all to delete for this step:

  1. Manually delete the package and try again. To do so:

sent you a DM.

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