Discussion: World Update III: United Kingdom

no, they are not, i lived there for 40 years, there are no towers or tall buildings in those vicinities… the pics dont show it well but the orbs are EVERYWHERE… they seem to street lights etc that are copied and stuck 100ft in the air… its a glitch.
these street lights dont exist in reality… similar to marcos post above but in my case, they are doubled high above too

Can you manually cache central London so you can experience not in maximum quality without worrying about server load?

then stop complaining pls too.

agree, something is weird there, have you seen venice,its gorgeous…so not sure why
London cannot be like that.

:joy: made me laugh that :ok_hand:

Anything to do with this?

I don’t think so. That seems generic, whereas what I experienced was a few square miles or so.

The new terrain data and POIs are magnificent. Had the best of the flight sim so far doing a tour of Scotland. The screenshots were taken near Fort William + the Kelpies. I’ve included the weather settings if you’re interested :slight_smile: I basically set it to default rain and raised the lower clouds a bit.


Looks Smashing :+1:

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Try these things. If you bought it from Microsoft Store try going there first and find MS Flight Sim 2020. It should either have a button marked PLAY to start the app or it will automatically start downloading the first stage of the update.

If that does not get things started try going to Windows Settings, then Apps & Features and scroll down until you find Microsoft Flight Simulator. Click on that and you should see “Advanced Options” underneath the title. Click on “Advanced Options” and you will find options to Repair, Reset and Uninstall Flight Sim 2020. Try a repair first, if that does not work try Reset. Worst case is to Uninstall and that means you will have to do a complete re-install via Microsoft Store. Of course I am referring to the English language version so you will have to interpret what I am saying if you are using the Deutsch version.

Hope this helps. I am not a technical support person, I am only passing on my experience as a user,

First impressions on update.
Bing textures definitely degraded , landscape now quite blurry and unpleasant to fly over.
Fields ,hills etc all seem to be “washed out”, paler. Checked all setting and nothing had changed. Flew part of trip I’d been on before with exactly the same settings.
Shame it’s not possible to roll back.


Thank you for your tips but nothing worked - and I don’t want to swap again 10 DVD discs an re-install this buggy piece of simulator. So I’m again forced to use the alternative from laminar :slight_smile:

I spent now more then 3h of investigation, and troubleshooting to get FS2020 running again properly but it seems to be completly out of order now. Again MS/Asobo managed it to destroy a running installation with a simple “update”

What a mess …

Impressions after update:

Non VR: Good performance flying around the UK. No issues identified in the sim with scenery or plane handling.

VR: Used to get a silky smooth experience in the Oculus CV1, now I get a constant flicker every few seconds that extends to the menu screens. It happens anywhere in the world and has rendered VR unplayable. NOT HAPPY! I’ve sent a report to Zendesk. I’m hoping the issue is worthy of an early update to fix the issue. It’s a shame you can’t revert back to a previous version as changes like this remove any control you have over version control that works for the User. I’m particularly annoyed as VR has worked better for me in MSFS than any of the other sims I’ve used. I’m missing it already.

Seems a number of users are encountering new problems with this update. Help us determine why.

Please jump to this thread and participate if you are having issues.

I’m not connected to a server, in my account settings the “Server” box ist set on automatic, an the search-circle is circling and circling … with no option to change from automatic, to a location.

And where are you?

In germany …

Thanks for the input. Let’s see if we can confirm the trend.

I’ve read in this thread that some users from france got it to manage to get the update … just for further investigation

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Except of course that Big Ben is the bell. :wink: