Displays in DLSS now not so blurry?

Strange coincidence then - I run at 1440p high-end and and had bad blurriness up until yesterday. Did the update (which I know was just AIRAC), and after that the blurriness had gone.


Using DLSS too. Was a bit blurry at first, but when I changed the display option from Windowed into Full Screen, it was much better and sharp. This was a week or so ago.

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Hm I always fly in full screen and didn’t notice any change until after this update today. Strange.

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Nope. No change after the update which is only AIRAC update: Small Navdata Update 2022-10-06


The update was for navigation data only.

I’ve been using DLSS since SU10 release and have really never noticed any blurriness. I have always run in full screen and at 1440. Maybe the blurriness in only occurring in windowed mode or 1080 & 4K.

I have an NVIDIA 3080 Ti, not sure if some card are more prone to the blurriness.

There are two aspects of DLSS blurring:

  • displays generally being less sharp due to the scale-up (depends on screen resolution & the DLSS sub-mode) – this is most noticeable on wide cockpit views, and hardly visible at all on instrument panel close-up views.
  • ghosting/streaking when things change on the displays – for instance the speed and altitude readouts will have overlapping pixels blended from multiple numbers on them when accelerating/climbing at takeoff, as the tapes move and the numbers change frame to frame. this has effects at any resolution & view!

Personally the ghosting is the bigger problem IMHO, and the one they have the most likelihood of resolving (hoping for SU11!)


I agree, that was the first thing I also thought when I started flying…

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